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Make Smoothies Without Yogurt for These 3 Reasons

Make Smoothies Without Yogurt

Enjoying a fresh, delicious thick smoothie is always a highlight of my day. Personally, I try to avoid yogurt as often as possible. This is simply taste preference for me. However, there are many people who often ask why would you want to make smoothies without yogurt?

Well, there are three great reasons why you may want to leave this little bit of creamy dairy out of your smoothie recipes.

Make Smoothies Without Yogurt Reason #1-Added fat and calories

Many low-fat yogurt products actually have as many calories as regular yogurt. Not only that, but If you take the time to look at the nutrition labels. You will quickly realize that many of the ones that have fewer calories are loaded down with artificial sweeteners and chemicals.

New studies show that artificial sweeteners actually over stimulate your taste buds and can result in weight gain rather than weight loss.

So if losing weight is your ultimate goal, you may just be better off going with the real deal rather than the low-fat alternatives.

This coupled with the fact that your body is programmed to burn fat if you are consuming fat, meaning that if you eat just a little bit of unsaturated fat daily, it will actually help you to shed unwanted pounds.

Remember though, going with some great recipes for smoothies without yogurt is always an option to avoid this calorie laden ingredient.

 Make Smoothies Without Yogurt Reason #2-Lactose Intolerance

You’ve heard all the horror stories about lactose intolerance causing everything from sickness to a full-blown allergic reaction. However, did you know that 75% of people around the world have some degree of lactose intolerance?

No, this doesn’t mean that 75% of the world’s population will become deathly ill when they eat dairy products. A mild case can actually just result in diarrhea and increased gas.

While neither of these are fatal, they are far from being very pleasant and will certainly keep you from being the most popular person in the office.

Make Smoothies Without Yogurt Reason #3-Unnecessary Inflammation

If you are one of the poor souls who suffer from any type of inflammatory disease process which can include arthritis, gout, or general body aches, then you will want to decrease the amount of dairy you take in daily.

Lactose found in dairy actually stimulates your body’s inflammatory response, thus increasing inflammation throughout your body as well as the pain that you feel if you already suffer from these types of diseases.

Hopefully this isn’t the case, and it’s just something to further the cause for removing the yogurt from your daily smoothie regimen.

To yogurt or not to yogurt?

Please share your thoughts, comments and recipes below. Do you like to put yogurt in your daily smoothies? Do you have alternatives to yogurt that you enjoy? How do you make your smoothie creamy and thick?


  1. Thank YOU! For non-yogurt smoothie recipes! ♡

    • You are so welcome! Hope you enjoy them-I would love to hear which one is your favorite or if you have any great no yogurt smoothie recipes. Thanks for stopping by, Kary

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