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Store Homemade Smoothies in 6 Simple Steps

Store Homeade SmoothiesWhile making a fresh homemade smoothie daily is best, sometimes you can find yourself just a little too busy with the day-to-day routine to make a fresh smoothie. That’s where knowing how to store homemade smoothies can really come in handy.

By following these 6 simple steps to store homemade smoothies, you can make a large batch of smoothies once or twice a week and store them for the days to follow.

Store Homemade Smoothies Step #1. Getting quality freezer bags








The concept to store homemade smoothies is very simple one. The first thing that you’re going to really need is quality storage bags for your freezer.

Not all bags are created equal, as I’ve seen numerous store brand bags not seal correctly and leak all over the freezer. This results in a very big mess and sticky situation that can take a long time to clean up.

With that said, the best freezer storage bags that I have found are the Ziploc slider freezer bags. The quart variety of these bags is also a really good size that leaves you with a good-sized single serving smoothie in each bag.

After you’ve obtained a good supply of quality freezer bags, it’s time to move on to step two.

Store Homemade Smoothies Step #2 Labeling your bags

Before you begin blending your delicious smoothies, make certain to take the time to label your bags so that you know when you made them.

Typically, I try to consume all the smoothies that I make in advance within a week. Although they’re frozen, and should keep for much longer than that, it is just a personal preference to be safe rather than sorry by consuming my smoothies within the first week after making them.

There are two options when it comes to labeling your bags. Many people often use a sharpie marker directly on the bag, which ensures no mix-ups can possibly happen.

The downsides to this however is that this makes your bags completely disposable and you must constantly replace your freezer bags when you store homemade smoothies.

This is where option two comes into play. I have found that by taking a piece of masking tape, writing, the date on the tape, and then applying it to the bag results in being able to reuse the freezer bags after simply rinsing them out and allowing them to dry.

If you’re concerned with wasting freezer bags, this is a great option, but I wouldn’t recommend using them more than three times each.

Store Homemade Smoothies Step #3 Making your smoothies

This one goes without question, making your smoothies is the essential step to having them for later use. Simply select your favorite smoothie recipes and blend. If you need to find a new blender for smoothies, you can check out our top smoothie blenders.

Store Homemade Smoothies Step #4 Filling your bags

The best thing that I have found to do here is to grab a glass and pour the smoothies from the pitcher into the glass prior to pouring into bags.

This allows you to have a great single serving already portioned out so you know how much is in each bag.

If you opted for the bags that I referred to previously in step number one, then you can simply open them and stand them on the counter and pour your smoothie from the glass into the bag.

Store Homemade Smoothies Step #5 Freezing

Store Homemade SmoothiesPersonally, I haven’t seen the recommended freezer bags leak, although I  like to take one more step here, and place the bags on their side, either on a plate or cookie sheet prior to freezing.

Then all you have to do is place the plate or cookie sheet into the freezer and allow your smoothies to freeze entirely for about one hour without having to worry about them leaking all over your freezer.

After that you can remove the bags and stack up in your freezer to save on space. Since you’ve allowed them to freeze entirely already leaking at this point, leaking isn’t an issue.

Store Homemade Smoothies Step #6 Thawing out your smoothies

Now comes the time for you to enjoy your delicious frozen treats. This step is really easy, but you do have to pay attention when completing it.

Since you froze your smoothie bags on their side your frozen smoothies should be equally distributed throughout the bag. This makes them much faster to thaw than if they were stored upright.

Now all you have to do is fill the bottom of your kitchen sink, a bowl, or another container with warm water and place the bag into the water for about 5 to 10 minutes.

I find this is a great thing to do prior to getting ready for the day and simply grabbing the bags once I can mix them easily in my hands.

All that’s left for you to do is to mix up the bag of smoothie. Pour into a cup and enjoy a quickly prepared smoothie on the go.

Since all that you have done is mixed the smoothie in the bag, there is no blender cleanup necessary and you can quickly be on your way while making your smoothie without actually having to use or clean your blender.

What are your thoughts for smoothies on the go?

What other methods do you use to store your smoothies for quick smoothies on the go? Have you tried this method of freezing smoothies? We would love to hear your thoughts, comments or ideas. Please leave them below and thank you for reading.

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