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Welcome to SmoothiesandBlenders.com, thank you for taking the time to visit. Kary


My name is Kary and the first introduction I had to smoothies was in 1994 at a Vitamix demonstration during a Home and Garden show held at Cobo Hall arena in Detroit, Michigan. During this demonstration I was blown away by what a powerful machine the Vitamix is and the functions that were offered.

We tasted a variety of wonderful concoctions that could be made with a Vitamix from fresh soups, ice cream, sorbet and the best smoothies around. I just had to have this machine and left that Home and Garden show with a Vitamix in hand.  I am astonished to say that exactly twenty years later, we still use this Vitamix.  Even more impressive is the only replacement part I’ve had to purchase for this twenty year old machine is a new pitcher.

At SmoothiesandBlenders.com my goal is to help you gain an understanding of the best available blenders-at all price points, so you are able to experience firsthand the benefits smoothies offer for overall better health.  In addition to reviews, Smoothies and Blenders has great recipes available and lots of information about produce/fruit selection, preparation, storage and most importantly health and weight loss benefits by adding whole food drinks to your daily routine.

The biggest incentive for continuing our smoothie journey is how my two daughters look forward to their daily smoothie with spinach or kale.  Yes, you read that correctly, my seven and nine year old girls actually look forward to their smoothie.  If you are a parent, you will appreciate how smoothies can be a great way to get your kids healthier by providing a snack or an in between meal that includes fruit and vegetables. The best part about it-without any complaints.

Please continue to stop by, visit and share your comments or success stories.  I will continually update and share many tips that have been gained from twenty years of making smoothies.

I hope SmoothiesandBlenders.com helps you on your journey to health, better nutrition and increased energy.


 Tonys profile photoHello smoothie fans! I’m Tony and have became a bit of an accidental fan of smoothies over the last year. Due to   health  issues within my family, I had to undertake many changes in order to be a better supporter of my wife’s     new dietary  requirements. 

 I’m a nurse by profession, so thankfully I’ve had a bit of training when it comes to nutrition and I understand the  importance of having a balanced diet. I am also a father of three great children, two boys ages 9 and 8 and one  darling  little girl age 7.

 My goal joining the SmoothiesandBlenders.com family is to bring great recipes for your family to enjoy and  provide  blender options that can help you get the most bang for your buck from your blender.

 My hope is that you find our site helpful and you enjoy your stay with us here at smoothiesandblenders.com. If you have  any questions or comments, or simply want to say high, please feel free to comment on any of the pages on this site or you can email me personally at Tony@smoothiesandblenders.com

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you soon!





  1. I just purchased a Ninja because I love smoothies. Every time I use it I get shake all over the kitchen, it leaks terribly bad. Is this normal?

    • Hey Sharon,

      That is definitely not normal. If everything is sealing well, it may be a faulty seal on the blender. If it is continuing to leak, you may want to take it back and exchange it for a new one. Hope this helps!


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