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Are Blendtec Refurbished Blenders a Good Investment?

Blendtec Refurbished BlendersFor many people, owning a Blendtec blender is simply something that can’t be fit into their budgets. I can understand that completely as it is a significant investment at almost $500. An alternative that is often presented, and one that is recommended on this site is to purchase one of these blenders refurbished. Are Blendtec refurbished blenders a good investment or are they simply used junk?

What is a refurbished blender?

Many people often think that a refurbished Blendtec blenders are ones that have completely broken and been returned to the company. While some units have been sent in for repair and instead been replaced, most of the Blendtec refurbished blenders are simply customer returns.

Think of it this way. If someone orders a unit and then decides it’s too expensive, they refuse shipment and it immediately goes back to Blendtec. As soon as a blender leaves their facility, it is no longer considered a new blender for resale purposes. So, even though it comes back unopened, it is still tested and resold as a refurbished product. For detailed Blendtec blender reviews, please click here. 

Blendtec Refurbished BlendersHow are Blendtec refurbished blenders tested?

I recently spoke with Blendtec customer service in order to find out exactly how they test their refurbished blenders prior to certifying them. I was informed that the blenders actually undergo the exact same testing as a brand new Blendtec does prior to be shipped out.

So essentially with refurbished units, they have been fully inspected twice to ensure product quality. Want more information about Blendtec? Then check out our full post All About Blendtec.


Are you protected if your refurbished unit breaks?

This is actually one of the best parts about the Blendtec Certified Refurbished blender program. Every refurbished blender as well as the jars that come with them are backed by a full-coverage 7-year warranty by Blendtec.

This means that if your jar cracks, something goes wrong with the seal, or any other jar issues, your jar will be replaced. This also holds true with your blender base. If something goes wrong, your unit will be repaired or replaced.

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Closing thoughts on refurbished Blendtec Blenders

In my opinion purchasing a refurbished Blendtec is a great investment if you believe you will be using it often to enjoy smoothies. It allows you to enter the world of smoothies, blended health and nutrition, nut butters or any other necessary cooking task with an amazing blender for a fraction of the price of a brand new one. Since you’re covered by your warranty, you can rest assured that you will be able to enjoy fresh smoothies daily for many years down the road.

Would you rather have a new or refurbished blender? Do you currently own a refurbished blender? Please take a moment to share your thoughts and comments below and thanks for reading!

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