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Best Blender for Smoothies

Finding the best blender for smoothies has certainly not been an easy task. However, there really is a clear cut winner and that is the Blendtec Total Blender with WildSide Jar. How did I come to this conclusion? Why have I rated this blender as the best blender for smoothies? Well, read on to see exactly why the Blendtec Total Blender has been chosen as the cream of the crop.

Great Deals on the Best Blender for Smoothies


How I Chose the Best Blender for Smoothies

When comparing all of the many different blenders against one another we chose some different categories. These categories included value, power of motor, customer service, warranty, ability to blend, and ease of use.

With that said, let’s first take a look at the value of the Blendtec Total Blender.


Best Blender for Smoothies
Value of the Best Blender for Smoothies

Yes, there are certainly some cheaper blenders out there but when it comes to a strong blender that is designed to be used multiple times daily, the Blendtec ends up being the best value.

There are numerous deals that you can find including a low priced refurbished package that includes the Total Blender with the WildSide Jar here for $279.95 and that includes a coupon for free shipping.

If you don’t mind spending just a little bit more on the front end then you can certainly get a much better package with a new Blendtec, WildSide Jar, and Twister Jar here for around $450. This bundle will give you the overall best experience as you’re able to blend smoothies, dry ingredients, and nut butters with the Twister Jar.

The Power of the Motor and Blades of the Best Blender for Smoothies

WildSide Jar BladesMany companies constantly brag about the horsepower that their blenders offer. Think of the Ninja infomercials here folks.

In reality, just how important is the horsepower of your blender? To a point, pretty important but you aren’t going to be running the Indy 500, you’re using a blender not a race car after all.

The Blendtec Total Blender comes in packing a 3 peak horsepower motor. Yes, this is a bit less than some of the competition but it is more than enough to suffice and is able to blend anything that you’re able to throw at it with ease.

How Good is the Customer Service Over at Blendtec?

The customer service over at Blendtec is phenomenal! When I called the customer service number for residential support (commercial support has a separate department) I was only on hold waiting for about 15 seconds. This was during peak hours at 11:45 AM EST.

The representative I spoke to was more than helpful, and answered all of my questions without having to “look it up.”

Every question I asked was answered instantly, professionally, and with honest concern. Even some of the nasty “what about Vitamix” questions that I threw at him.

This is great, because if you ever do run into a problem with your blender, you want to be able to get top notch support quickly and easily.



Warranty Information on the Best Blender for Smoothies

Best Blender for Smoothies WarrantyThe warranty offered on this blender is VERY impressive. This is especially true for the one offered on their refurbished blenders.

You see, many companies will offer you a great warranty on a new blender, but they typically cut it in half when you’re looking at some of their refurbished models.

Blendtec actually covers their new blenders with an 8 year warranty, and their refurbished models with an impressive 7 year full warranty.

This is great because you can save a lot of money by going with a refurbished model without having to sacrifice the assurance of a quality warranty.

The jars that comes packaged with your blender are actually covered by an impressive 8 year warranty regardless of where you purchased it, whether it was from Blendtec or another retailer.

This means that if your jar becomes cracked or damaged, you don’t have to worry about shelling out another $100 for a new one like you do with some other blender makers who only cover their jars with a 1 – 3 year warranty.

One big concern that many people have in regards to their blenders is how long you will be without it if you have to send it in for servicing.

While I have yet to have to send my Blendtec in during my 5 years of ownership, I was pleased to discover that the typical return time is around 2 weeks.

This time frame includes the time it takes to ship your blender to them as well as the return shipping time.

Many people report that their total wait time was less than two weeks! That’s an impressive turn around considering that shipping is going to most likely take about 8 days in total.

This amazing customer service and warranty truly does secure this blenders spot as my top recommendation as the best blender for smoothies.

How Well Does the Best Blender for Smoothies Blend?

With videos such as those seen on Will It Blend, the Blendtec’s blending power can seldom be debated. No, you don’t need the power to grind up a baseball or a rake handle, but you can be rest assured that by using some of that power you will always have a very smooth, well blended beverage at hand.

There are no chunks here at all when using the best blender for smoothies. Gone are the large pieces of ice, kale, spinach, and other tough to blend ingredients.

You really can make a smoothie with any ingredients you want when you’re using this blender, and the results will be some of the smoothest drinks and concoctions you’ve ever had.

Ease of Use for the Best Blender for Smoothies

This blender is extremely easy to use. From its simple digital controls to the fact that there’s no tamper needed whatsoever.

On a side note, you will need to either use a spatula or the Twister Jar when you’re making nut butters, other than that, you forget about having to interact with your blender while it’s doing the work.

Think about that for just a moment. Is it possible that a blender actually does more work than you do? Yep, this little appliance truly is a set it and forget it device.

With the power of the motor coupled with the unique patented WildSide Jar design, this blender truly lets you add ingredients, push a button, and enjoy a great smoothie a few seconds later!

As far as cleanup is concerned, the Blendtec Total Blender really makes it a snap. Toss in some dish soap, hot water, and blend. That’s it, no difficult blade removal, 0 scrubbing, and just a few seconds later you have a clean blender ready to be used again.

What about dishwasher safe jars? Well, the jars are certainly dishwasher safe although I personally prefer to simply use the above method of cleaning for them.

Blendtec Arrow

Closing Thoughts on the Best Blender for Smoothies

All in all if you’re looking for an amazing blender that is meant to be used daily, under any conditions you can throw at it, and comes backed with one of the best warranties in the industry; you are going to find yourself thrilled to add this to your counter space.

It’s available in multiple colors, will fit under standard counters, and really adds a bit of technological grace to your kitchen.

If you would like to take one of the Blendtec Total Blenders for a spin, check out the link below for some great deals and free shipping opportunities.




  1. I think this would be a great gift idea for my mom. She was really bummed when her blender / juicer broke. By the way, is there a difference between the two descriptions or are they just two different words? Also, the image directly above the comment section didn’t load. It’s possible the issue has something to do with the wifi cafe I’m sitting at, but I’m not sure.

    Is the above coupon still valid?

    • Blenders definitely make great gifts especially for smoothies. I know it really does stink if you use your blenders often and then you’re left without one for a while. I think that I would go pretty crazy after a couple of days myself.

      The different models mentioned above are actually different ones, but the Blendtec mentioned is the blender that was chosen as the best blender for smoothies based on price, durability, and a few other factors.

      Thanks for letting me know about that image but it seems to be working great now! As for the coupon code, it is certainly still valid.

      Thanks again for the questions, and if you have any more, please feel free to drop back by.

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