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What is the Best Blender for Green Smoothies?

What's the Best Blender for Green Smoothies PIYou want to start making green smoothies? Are you ready to get healthy, maybe lose a few pounds or do you need more energy to get through the day? There are so many blenders on the market and if you are like me, you want the best that you can afford within your budget and the choices are overwhelming. All you really want to know is what is the best blender for green smoothies?

Get your kale-feathers over here (sorry, couldn’t resist that) and let’s talk about what the best blender options are to help you make this healthy transition so that you can make green smoothies that have a smooth consistency and most importantly will make the entire process easy for you.

Going “Green” is not a phase, it is a way of life! Not getting all tree hugger on you here, no we are just talking about green smoothies. Green smoothies are great for anyone looking to get a healthy boost in their day. Not only can they be incredibly easy to make, they are downright delicious!

Understanding the Selection Process for Awesome Green Smoothie Blenders

tend to pose unique challenges for blenders. Tough fibers such as kale and spinach like to wrap around the blades and render the blender useless, in the end, giving you a big bruised leaf to chew on. Sadly, this is how many blenders wound up in the trash…their motors dying mid-smoothie. Because of the challenge of finding blenders that can breeze through kale and spinach we gave a lot of blenders a “run through” within different price points. Then, the big question became, do I really need a high powered blender?

Do I Need A High Powered Blender?

While you do not need an expensive blender to make a green smoothie, it makes the process easier. The higher the power of the blender purchased, the less prep work you have to do. Think of it this way, if time is money, why waste your money cutting up veggies all day? To cover the low, mid and high prices ranges of blenders, we have three top blenders that are recommended for a delicious, nutritious, green craze smoothie.  

Ninja Master Prep

Are you just starting on the journey to eating “green” and making smoothies? This blender surprisingly whipped up some tasty green smoothies with a decent consistency and without much effort. The Ninja Master Prep is priced around $40. Yup, you read the right, $40!  If you don’t know if you’re even going to enjoy making smoothies at home yet, why spend a lot of money buying a blender that you may not even use?

The Ninja Master Prep comes with a 48oz, BPA free, dishwasher safe pitcher with a 400 watt motor and a one year warranty. If you are unsure, start out small with the Ninja Master Prep and find out if you are going to enjoy making smoothies at home before investing a lot of money. Here is additional information on how to best use your Ninja Master Prep.

Blendtec Total Blender

I keep coming back to the Blendtec Total Blender for several reasons, but it really is a champion, one worthy of all of your greens. The Blendtec Total Blender will effectively break down the tough fibers in the various greens and fruits into a smooth, creamy blend. For the most part, seeds are pretty well broken down. However, you need to consider what ingredients you are blending with. If it turns into an all liquid, the seeds will just be pushed around. Adding ice or frozen fruits, however, should fix this problem. Due to the patented design and slightly sloped sides of the Wildside jar that comes standard with Blendtec blenders, a “tamper” is not needed because all food is pulled down into the jar.

Powerful, blunt-edged blades can take on the toughest recipe with ease; no extra worries needed. Get on with your morning already! For those mornings where everything needs to be done in that second it is nice to know it will take you less than two minutes to have a drink ready.

You can easily add your ingredients into a Blendtec, then select the preprogrammed option and walk away. You can do this quite easily with the snuggly fitted lid; it is vented, so suction is not created either. Having this valuable feature is a time saver for sure. The Total Blender will always turn itself off at the end of the blend cycle which is pretty unique. When it comes time to clean up, it is a breeze! A quick rinse out and then you can even plop it right into your dishwasher, no taking pieces apart. Finally, putting your blender away has never been easier, you can leave this stunning piece on your counter, and it will easily fit under cupboards.

There is a strong media presence called Will It Blend on Youtube for the Total Blender where they continually test how powerful the motor is. Granted you do not need to pulverize an iPhone into glittering dust, there is no need, but knowing that your kitchen equipment can handle a daily demand is worth the peace of mind. Speaking of peace of mind, an eight-year warranty is nothing to scoff at! If you have any issues with your blender, call Blendtec’s customer service and you will get fast, quality, understandable help. For additional information all about Blendtec blenders, click here.

Blendtec also offers great pricing on their refurbished blenders that come with a full 7 year warranty and simply puts this blender in a mid price point range. Click here for additional information on Blendtec’s refurbished blenders. 

The Vitamix 750

While the Blendtec for sure is the champion at making creamy green smoothies, there is another blender that is comparable for a steeper price. It comes down to a personal preference on how you like your smoothies or if you have a personal preference for a Vitamix vs Blendtec.

With four blade action, you get a frothy result with the Vitamix 750. The great thing about the Vitamix 750 is it is about a fraction of a second faster, and has a dial for those of you who are not fans of touch screens. A frothy, green smoothie can be very refreshing and may be more palatable for those just starting the “green craze.” On the flipside, Vitamix blenders are also not very easy to clean. You have to take them apart to get all the fibers that wrap around the razor-like blades. Otherwise, they will grow mold in the gaskets very quickly. Also, sometimes a tamper is needed to push the ingredients into the blades.

The Vitamix 750 also fits under most standard counter tops, but the pitcher is not dishwasher safe. An interesting observation that was made is that green smoothies made in the Vitamix tend to be much brighter than those made in the Blendtec, as for why, no one quite knows.

Closing Thoughts

All three blenders in various price ranges will give you great green smoothies. For the price and longevity of a Blendtec Total Blender, there is no comparison. If you are willing to spend more, for essentially the same product, go with the Vitamix 750. Both will give you delicious, healthy smoothies that are easy to swallow. No chunks or pulp to be found as long as you properly flip the switch, seriously; it is that easy. For hassle-free mornings, there is nothing better than a blender that works for you! Time is money, now it is time to make your money work for you. Your hard earned cash should be efficient, stylish, and be useful in your kitchen.

If you are only going to be doing green smoothies for a few days, there are cheaper blenders out there to wade you through this phase. These blenders can take on a lot more than green smoothies, so if you are looking for a quality blender, you may still be able to justify buying one. For those of you who made “green” a way of life, make it easier on yourself by buying a better blender like the ones mentioned here.



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