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The Two Very Best Blenders for Juicing

best blenders for juicingThat’s some high-quality citrus juice (or whatever juice you happen to be making). Billy Madison got it right, if you go back to the source for your drinks, you will get an ever better quality than anything that may have come from the factory. So, you ask, what are the two very best blenders for juicing? 

No matter what you do, unless you juice fruits yourself, you are losing on taste, nutrients, and most of all money. There are some juicers that claim to extract the most nutrients from fruits, well extracting is great, and you do get delicious juice, but that nasty orange and green goop that is left for you to clean up. Yuck!

We have a few blenders here that will eliminate that problem entirely. You can throw in whole fruits and veggies (unless it has a thick peel like bananas and oranges-you couldn’t put these through a juicer either) and get a better tasting juice without the messy clean up.

Best Blenders for JuicingWhy Juice?

Juicing your fruits and veggies is the perfect way to get the nutrients and essence of that item, to be able to drink or infuse it with other flavors. Not to mention, you do not have to worry about what chemicals and the sugar that may have been added to your juice. For details on blending vs juicing vegetables and fruit click here. 

Aren’t You Tired of Seeing “30% Juice” on a Bottle of JUICE?

Frankly, I am. If I wanted watered down juice, well I would have bought the store brand juice. No, stand up to that crud, make your own juice, 100% juice. There are thousands of recipes that can give you great ideas. Or, you can top off your breakfast with an orange and strawberry juice. Most people do not have a high enough powered blender in order to full take advantage of all of nature’s goodies.Best Blenders for Juicing

They are left with a subpar juice with about 4 Oz to drink, while having a juicier full of pulp and nastiness. Upgrading your blender to a Vitamix, or even a Blendtec will take the hassle out of making delectable drinks. Plus, if you are sensitive to added sugars, or preservatives, by making your own, you get to choose exactly what goes in.

Best Blenders for JuicingIf you like very smooth juices with no pulp, use a nut milk bag to simply strain it out. It has never been easier (or cheaper) to get your daily servings of fruits and vegetables! On the other side, if you love juice with some pulp, or a lot, you can customize your blend without paying extra. Click here for further details on nut milk bags.

For those of you who love to store foods, you can EASILY take any fruit or vegetable and juice it, then freeze it. Taking fresh fruit just picked off the trees is a really great experience when you can come home and know you can have that same taste for a while to come. Generally that lasts for a few weeks if not longer in the freezer.

Juicing also allows you to make a variety of different foods that we love to eat. Having real strawberry ice cream, no artificial flavors. You can even make you own, full power lemon juice for amazing lemonade. There is no limit to the things you can do with juice, all you need is the right blender.

Recommended Blenders

Vitamix 1782

Best Blenders for JuicingHere on SmoothiesandBlenders.com, we rave on about the prowess of the Vitamix, and for good reason. The Vitamix is played up to be a blender that can take whole fruits and demolish them into a smooth drink. While that does stand true, depending on what you are blending, you may want to strain it. A cheese cloth or nut milk bag will strain out all the pulp, no need for two machines! Traditional juicers can take forever to clean, and no matter what you do, you just cannot get that tomato stain out of the spout. Why even worry about it is our question? A Vitamix 1782 will allow for an effortless drink with very easy cleaning. Not to mention, if you want to add ice to give it a chill factor, you can easily do that in the Vitamix.

Blendtec Total Blender

Blendtec is always a crowd pleaser. Easy to use buttons, beautiful design, and reward points for being healthy, what’s not to love! This powerful blender can take anything you could want to juice, and turn it into something you are proud to serve (or covet, you choice). With blades that are easy to clean, even pineapple is easy to clean out of it. Something that needs to be kept in mind when juicing in a blender, is that it is not going to get all the pulp beaten up.Best Blenders for Juicing

You will have some goop to strain out, but there is not digging in a juicer with severe blades all around your fingertips. However, with a machine like a Total Blender, you will get a nutritious, delicious drink. When making apple juice, you will not get apple sauce, or puree, you can get apple juice. There is never a need to purchase two machines when one is plenty qualified to do the job. For information all about Blendtec from history of the company, blade and jar design, click here. 

Closing Thoughts

There are two blenders on the market that can produce the juice you are looking for. Yes, there are lots of blenders out there, some may work better than others, however in the hours spent researching this topic, only the Blendtec and Vitamix reign “best blenders for juicing” champs.

Best Blenders for Juicing There is a lot you can do with these blenders, so their versatility really is what gives them high marks as well. Having the option to make ice cream from you strawberry juice you just blended, is something to be appreciated.

You can take any number of ingredients and turn them into more fun to eat/drink recipes.

Not only will juicing give you the ability to get your vitamins much more easily, you can have fun with it too. If you have small children, having them pick the veggies or fruits to juice can be fun.

Not only are they learning a good habit, they tend the love watching their drink turn colors. As a mom, I am here to tell you that all parents love to provide healthy snacks that their kids beg for. If they want to be healthy, you should be too. It is fast, easy, and the benefits will last a life time.


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