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Buying a blender can be something as simple as walking down the aisle in your favorite big-box store and snagging up the first thing you see for less than $29.99. While I’ve been guilty of doing this myself, it is not a practice that I would recommend to anyone who is wanting to find a quality blender that will give you the most bang for your buck. What’s the alternative? Well, below you can check out some of the many blender reviews that Kary and I have created over the course of the lifetime of this site. 

Why should you trust our opinions? For starters, Kary has been in the wonderful world of a healthy diet lifestyle for years now. This has led her to dig for as much information as possible on a variety of different blenders with a very large range in prices. Second, I’m (aka Tony) a bit of a newcomer to the world of smoothie making and blender recipes as a whole, but I’ve long understood the importance of getting a quality product for a decent price. 

Without further ado, here are just a few of the many different companies that we have looked into over the lifetime of Smoothiesandblenders.com.

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