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Ninja Blender Reviews

Most people have seen the numerous infomercials over the years about the Ninja line of blenders, but how well do they really work? Well, the following Ninja blender reviews will hopefully answer a lot of your questions about the Ninja product line. You can check out some of the Ninja blender reviews that we have covered below.

Ninja Blender Reviews


What Makes Ninja Blenders So Popular?

You can see in the short commercial below just how good the marketing campaign is behind the Ninja brand.

Commercials like this one have made Ninja a major household name in the last decade, but are they really worth all the hype? What makes the Ninja product line so special anyway?

Well, the Ninja blender system has some pretty unique features that have been present throughout all of their models. The first and most obvious one is the “crushing blade system” that Ninja blenders utilize.

This system uses two to three blades that are placed throughout the blender which allows the ninja to really mix ingredients up well. By using this type of system you can ensure that you are able to thoroughly mix and crush ice, vegetables, fruits, and pretty much any other ingredients you wish to throw at a Ninja blender.

The other thing that is pretty much universal across the board with the Ninja product line is the ability to pulse or blend your mixed concoctions very well. Every Ninja blender uses pulsing to get things started, and then full blending to get your ingredients mixed better.

The Main Reason I Like Ninja Blenders

While there are certainly other blenders out there that can simply outperform Ninjas for various tasks, when it comes to making smoothies, the Ninja system allows newcomers to smoothie making, and food processing with some models, to get in the door at a very reasonable price.

While companies such as Vitamix and Blendtec offer vastly superior product lines, those product lines come at a much higher price point. Ninja allows you to begin your smoothie journey without really putting a huge strain on your pocket book. Ninja offers models starting as low as $40 for a decent entry level blender.

With that said if you’re new to the smoothie and blending world, Ninja is a wonderful place to start your journey.

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