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Are There Any Blenders Made in the USA?

blenders made in the USA PIFor many Americans, it is important to buy products that are primarily manufactured within the country as they help to secure American manufacturing jobs. Thankfully, there are two companies that have their top rated blenders made in the USA.

What blender companies have blenders made in the USA?

The first company on this lineup is Blendtec. Founded in 1975 Blendtec is based in Orem, UT. They have several different blender models available (which you can find reviews on here) and feature unique patented jar designs with stellar customer service and warranties to back them up.

Blendtec has made an internet sensation through their use of a YouTube channel known as WillItBlend, and can often be seen doing demonstrations at various Costco stores throughout the country. The Blendtec total blender was recently selected as the best blender for smoothies by this site as it offers superior hands-free blending for an affordable price.

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