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Are There Any Blenders Made in the USA?

What is the second company that has blenders made in the USA?

Vitamix 5200The second top rated US blender manufacturer is Vitamix. Founded in the 1940’s by William G. Barnard, Vitamix revolutionized the blending world through their innovative blender and blade systems and use of healthy recipes.

Vitamix is based out of Cleveland, OH. The company was a pioneer in the field as one of the first companies to fully utilize television infomercials that allowed them to not only educate the mass public about their products, but also about the importance of healthy nutrition and diet. Long before the food pyramid existed, the Vitamix company was educating people about the importance of fruits and vegetables in their daily diets.

Vitamix owns multiple patents on their blenders and manufactures some of the highest quality blenders on the market today (You can find some of our Vitamix reviews here). As with Blendtec, Vitamix backs their products with US based support and superior warranties for both their home and commercial markets.

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