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Blendtec Classic 560 Vs. 575

Blendtec 560 vs 575Two new blenders to recently hit the Blendtec product lineup are the Blendtec classic 560 and the Blendtec classic 575. Are there any major differences to these two blenders? Read on below to see the similarities and differences between these two new Blendtec additions.

Same Motor, Same Power?

Both the Blendtec classic 560 and 575 feature a 3 hp motor that can easily power through the toughest blending jobs. Does this mean that both units work exactly the same as far as power is concerned? In short, no.

Both units have multiple speeds at which they can perform blending tasks. The Blendtec classic 560 has four speeds while the 575 has five. This essentially means that you can achieve more variety in the consistency of what you blend in the 575.

Is this a major issue? Truthfully, not so much. You’re not going to see a huge difference when it comes to the texture of your food. If the exact texture is a big deal to you, then you should definitely spend the additional money to invest in the 575.

Speaking of Money, What’s the Difference in Price between the Two?

There is a pretty significant price difference between the 560 and 575 of $80. As you can see above, both possess the same motor, so why is there such a big difference in price?

Well, that brings us to the next point in what makes these two blenders different.

Are Preprogrammed Blend Cycles Worth the Price?

The very first thing that can be noticed by simply looking at the 560 and 575 is that the Blendtec 575 has four different preprogram cycles. How do these benefit you?

The preprogram cycles make it so you are able to add your ingredients for your blending jobs, press the button for the desired cycle, and walk away while the blender works its’ magic.

Does this justify an $80 price difference? Honestly, yes, it certainly does. Why? Well, think of it this way. Do you typically find yourself running a hectic morning routine like most of us do? How much simpler would it be for you to simply toss in the ingredients you want for your smoothie, press a button, come back by and grab it on the go as you head out the door the morning?

To me, this is a feature that would pay for itself in a matter of weeks. Having the ability to simply “set it and forget it” would be amazing.

Aesthetics Play a Major Role in the Price of the 575

While any Blendtec blender looks great in your kitchen, the Blendtec classic 575 comes in a large variety of six different colors. The Blendtec classic 560 comes only in three. So, if you take into account the fact that this is an investment that is going to serve your needs for the next eight years, you want to make sure you have the color that best matches your kitchen décor.

With only three color selections available in the 560, the 575 will be much easier to match up with the rest of your kitchen.

So, Is the Blendtec Classic 560 a Bad Blender?

Absolutely not! The Blendtec classic 560 is a phenomenal entry-level blender that is sure to meet the needs that many users have. Think of the 575 as the additional luxury package of the 560.

Keep in mind before you make your purchase, though, that you are going to be using this blender for up to eight years. That’s the length of time that Blendtec promises your blender will work through its top-notch warranty.

So, before buying one of the new Blendtec classic blenders, make certain that you are going to be happy with your color choice and that you do not want to have those wonderful preprogram cycles in the future.

This is definitely an investment that you have to think about in terms of being around for the long haul rather than how much it’s going to cost today.

Would You like More Information?

Are you still uncertain about which blender is the right one for you? Would you like to find more information about each of these new Blendtec models? If so, then please click on the link below to check out our full review on each one of these blender models and discover where you can find the best prices for these blenders. If you are still uncertain as to which blender to buy, you can check out some more of our blender reviews over at this page

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