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Blendtec Designer 725 Review

Blendtec Designer 725 Review PIDoes a morning like this sound all too familiar? It is 5:38 am, you have to leave by 6:00 am to make it to work on time. Your coffee maker has overflowed, leaving you distressed and cleaning up the mess, possibly changing clothes. It’s not even Monday, now what?

You want a kick of energy but have no way to accomplish that. You decide to get your old blender from the back of the cupboard (ignore the hiss, it has not seen light since the early 1990s) and you put full ice cubes on the bottom, fruits, and your liquid base. Carefully, you turn on the ancient machine, only to hear an “errrrr” as the blades are too overloaded with minimal ingredients.

You take a knife and move the ice around some. It blends the bottom layer before dramatically whining and becoming scalding hot to the touch. Finally, two minutes before you have to leave, you pour the lumpy smoothie into your old thermos and throw that blender in the trash as you head out the door, you know you will be shopping to get a new blender tonight you decide. But which blender will work best for you and your needs?

Blendtec Designer 725 ReviewBlendtec Designer 725 Review

Mornings before work are never great, normally things will come up at the last second to give you the worst headache of the day. Thankfully, having a morning smoothie can be something you can look forward to with the counter candy blender by Blendtec.

The Designer 725 has commercial grade power, is a family friendly blender, making it a superb value for just under $650. For that price, it really does everything you could ask it to (minus fold the laundry, but hey, it’s a blender.)

From 100 speeds you control with a touch screen, illumination to make a smoothie in low light, to being able to blend EVERYTHING you could put in a smoothie, you can even blend frozen bananas, crush ice, whip up a batch of soup or make ice cream. Truth be told the Blendtec Designer 725 is the only way to go.

The Pros:

  • Satisfying: Blend every ingredient to the perfect texture with the touch of a finger -100 pulse speeds and an “Add 10” feature by moving the slider that adds an additional 10 seconds to your blend to achieve the perfect consistency. A highly responsive, programmable interface makes entertaining such a breeze.


  • Ease of Use: Easy to clean, the included WildSide + jar is a 32 Oz, BPA-free pitcher and is dishwasher safe. The body itself can be wiped clean with a cloth and is actually designed with a front panel that is flat in order to prevent bacteria and mold that tends to form on blenders with knobs.


  • Preprogrammed Blends: For ease of use, there are preprogrammed cycles for hot soup, cleaning, whole juice, salsa and smoothies. 


  • Safety: Blunt edged blade, much safer for kids! This also means it is much more powerful, gone are the days of stuck blades!


  • Efficient: The most powerful blender on the market with 1,725 Watts of power, and three different settings to ensure a blend to your desired thickness. Not to mention it holds this power through its entire lifetime.


  • Customer Service: Blendtec has an amazing customer service department that is always ready to assist you. I have called numerous times and have never waited long to speak with someone who is helpful and ready to help you with whatever reason you are calling about. 


  • Looks Great: Truly a beautiful blender, can be left on your counter, easy to use everyday. 


  • Rewards for Blending More: The Blendtec 725 digital display keeps track of how many blends you have completed, the more you blend, the more rewards you earn such as Blendtec accessories for your kitchen, gift cards, additional jar discounts (had your eye on the Twister Jar?) and Blendtec recipes. The rewards you earn can be redeemed through the Blendtec mobile app or simply redeemed online.  

The Cons:

  • Size: This bad boy weighs in at 10 pounds. It will not be something easy to use unless left on the counter. Why would you ever want to put such a beautiful, and useful piece of equipment away, banishing it to the shadowlands of the cupboards? You might even be able to ditch the coffee machine with these energy rich, natural smoothies you can make at any time.


  • Easily Scratched: For everyday blending, this is an outstanding blender, yet still, it should not be used as a food processor! This is not a toy, please try to take care of it, even with an eight year inclusive warranty.


Sometimes you need a simple blender other times you want something that can make you ice cream, soup, smoothies and milk shakes. No matter what day, or the time, this blender is customer top rated.

Not only does this amazing blender, mix and combine anything you could imagine, it is unbelievably quiet for its power. It has a 3.4 horsepower motor!


What Is The Holding Capacity?

The Blendtec Designer 725 has a holding capacity depending on the jars you have or are using. Each Blendtec jar is interchangeable and will work safely with the Blendtec series – please note that the Blendtec Designer 725 comes with the WildSide + jar.

Now to answer the question,

Blendtec WildSide Jar Review

Blendtec Wildside + Jar

The Twister Jar: Great for making nut butters, about 16 oz. Click here for detailed information on the Twister Jar. 

WildSide + Jar: A really great jar all around and is included with the Blendtec Designer 725, this is the most standard jar, and one of the best values since it will hold about 4 servings or 36 Oz. 

The Four Side Jar: Nearly vertical sides, this jar is great for making family size smoothies that are perfect all the way through. There is also a convenient measurement marking on the side for easy recipes (which is generally included with every purchase.) This jar is highly recommended for those who wish to make ice cream.


Last Notes on the Blendtec Designer 725

If you are going to spend $650 for a piece of kitchen equipment, it better be able to handle anything you throw at it, and look good while doing it. This stunning piece will do just that. Blendtec really took out all the stops to give an everyday family a classy, beautiful, powerful machine for their kitchen. They have taken safety into consideration with a plunger free jar design and making a blunt edge blade, which is more powerful yes, but safer too.

Blendtec is really outstanding in their warranties. No matter how you look at it, you are covered by their very inclusive 8 year warranty. Looking for more information about Blendtec blenders? Click here. 

Three weeks later…you are running late for work. You have no worries, however, you just go to the freezer and throw in the bag of frozen fruits and vegetables with your base liquid of choice into your pristine blender and your are greeted by a soft “whirr” as the blades quietly work away to give you a “smoothie” first thing that morning. No hassle, just simplicity.

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