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Can You Make Homemade Flour In The Vitamix 6300?

Can you make homemade flour in the Vitamix 6300The Vitamix 6300 allows you to make many different items at home with ease. Is it possible to grind your own flours with the Vitamix 6300? Yes, it certainly is and there are a few little tips and tricks that you can follow to ensure your flour turns out being as good as you hope.

Make Sure You’re Using The Right Jar

The Vitamix 6300 comes included with a wet blending jar, which is suitable for most jobs such as ice creams, smoothies, and hot soups. It is not, however, designed to be used for completing dry ingredient jobs such as nut butters, or grinding flour.

You can snag up a dry blending jar for right around $100 here. Once you have the dry blending jar, you will find that your flours, nut butters, and any other dry ingredient recipes you may want to try turn out much better.

Pick The Right Grain For The Job

Believe it or not there are a lot of different types of wheat available on the market. Each one has different uses and works better for different things. Wheat such as are Spelt, Einkorn, and Emmer are healthier options that tend to work better for recipes that do not require yeast but often will fall flat when trying to make rolls, or other fluffy types of bread.

Before making your flour, be certain to do a little bit of research to determine which type of wheat will work best for the recipes that you are wanting to make.

Don’t Grind Too Much

A cup of wheat berries will typically yield about one and a half cups of ground flour. Be certain to keep this in mind as you always want to make just enough flour for your current recipe so that it stays fresh.

After all, the whole point of wanting to grind your own flours at home is to have the freshest ingredients possible, and make certain that your family is receiving their healthiest options.

Hopefully you have found this guide to making flour in the Vitamix 6300 to be helpful and if you would like any more information about this blender, then you can check out our full Vitamix 6300 review.

There are a few other blenders out there on the market that can also make homemade fresh flours. You can find some of them over on blender reviews page.

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