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Candy Cane Smoothie Recipe

Candy Cane Smoothie RecipeOh it’s that time of year once again when snowflakes are falling, sleigh-bells are jingling, and the kiddos are looking forward to a visit from a certain jolly gentleman. With the commercials continuously blaring the latest, greatest toy ads in our eardrums and constant busyness everywhere, you need to find a way to really calm things down. Well, this delicious peppermint smoothie will help you relax and enjoy the Christmas season.

This recipe is one that your kids are sure to love as well. It delivers a wonderful sweet, tangy taste of peppermint and best of all it turns out being BRIGHT PINK! I know my kids think it’s hilarious that they get to enjoy something this color that tastes this good.

My husband has actually started referring to it as the Pepto smoothie since it reminds him of Pepto Bismol LOL!

Trust me when I say that this recipe tastes as far away from Pepto as you can really get but its’ color will certainly be a subject of conversation for anyone you make this delicious treat for!

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2 cups of vanilla ice cream (use soy, hemp, or coconut if you want to make it vegan)

1/2  cup milk (use coconut milk if you would like to make it lactose-free and vegan)

1 candy cane

1 cup frozen strawberries

1 frozen banana

1 cup ice cubes


Candy Cane crumbles or whip cream

Place all ingredients into blender and blend until smooth. I use soy milk to thin it, if needed. Pour into cups and place garnish on top. I sometimes like to serve it with a candy cane on the side to stir with.

Pro Tip: Candy canes can be a bit rough to blend up and will often leave large chunks in your smoothie. To avoid this, use one of our top blender picks or place your candy cane in the microwave for about 15 seconds to soften immediately before blending (keep a CLOSE eye on it as it will burn quickly!)

Carefully selecting your ingredients can make this a fun and delicious gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan recipe that can be served at holiday gatherings to everyone!

For the kids, I suggest serving this with a candy cane on the side for stirring and of course eating!

It may be a little messy, but they love sticking the candy cane into the smoothie and then licking it off the candy cane. I can usually get by with this being a dessert during the holiday season.

Give this one a go at your next holiday party or engagement and watch just how quickly they will disappear. I hope you enjoy this recipe and happy blending!

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