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The #1 Reason Your Smoothies May Be Slowly Killing You

Are Smoothies Bad For You

Many of us enjoy the delicious taste of our blended smoothies immensely, but did you know that new research suggests that some of our delicious smoothies may actually be causing a ton of different health problems? Yep, you read that one correctly. By using the wrong ingredients, some of your smoothies may actually be bad for your health and much ...

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How to Clean the Ninja Blender

As mentioned in several of the Ninja blender reviews these lovely little guys can often be very difficult to clean. Hopefully this post will help keep your frustrations at bay as you will learn exactly how to clean the Ninja blender product line.   Tip #1 – Rinse it fast While one would think that you could easily store excess ...

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What are the Best Fruits for Smoothies?

Fruit smoothies are certainly a delicious treat to have any time of the day. However, many people often wonder what are the best fruits for smoothies? Should you choose bananas over grapes or perhaps strawberries over kiwi? Honestly, these choices are entirely up to you and it depends on what tastes you enjoy. Here are just a few tips when ...

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How To Make A Fruit Smoothie

Have you wondered how to make a fruit smoothie? Even if the thought of making smoothies seems like a daunting task or if you are new to the smoothie scene then it may feel nearly impossible, but don’t worry, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am here to tell you that I was once overwhelmed ...

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Massive Muscle Building Smoothie Recipe

Today’s post is mostly for the guys as it comes from a personal trainer friend of mine who is big into bodybuilding and muscle mass development. This is the smoothie recipe that he claims will aid you in developing massive muscles while trimming extra fat and it works like a dream for guys. Just about any blender out there can ...

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Blending VS Juicing Vegetables

This question comes up quite frequently. Believe it or not blending vs juicing vegetables, both have their positive and negative sides. The main thing to remember though is that by using quality fruits and vegetables, you will still get essential nutrients into your body. What is juicing? Juicing is the process that extracts water and essential nutrients from fruits and ...

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Are Smoothies Healthy?

With recent crazes for smoothie diets, many people are left wondering are smoothies healthy? Well, unfortunately, there’s a good side and a bad side on this topic and it simply comes down to what ingredients you are putting in your smoothies in the first place. As with any other food there are healthy and unhealthy options. For example, a green ...

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Green Smoothies Health Benefits

 Many people are wondering what the green smoothies health benefits are. Have you wondered why everyone is starting to talk about drinking glasses of green stuff?  Green smoothies are a relatively new buzz in the health and fitness world and just like any other recipe, the health benefits of green smoothies vary based on what ingredients are used to make ...

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Benefits of Kale Smoothies

The search for the “Youth Elixir” is now over! The benefits of kale smoothies are proven to be effective not only for weight loss but also encouraging good health from intensified energy, skin improvement, enhancing your immunity and more. These healthy drinks are known as the “Plant Blood” or “Life Juice”, many have confirmed its effectiveness in losing weight and ...

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