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Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Healthy Smoothie Recipes Kids Will Love

Healthy smoothie recipes kids will love can be difficult to come by. But I am here to assure you that with the right recipes and the perfect mixture of fruits and vegetables, getting kids to love healthy smoothies can be in your very near future. As I look at my girls and see how quickly they are growing up, I ...

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Healthy Watermelon Smoothie Recipes

Healthy Watermelon smoothies

Do you love watermelon as much as my family and I do? I’m embarrassed to tell you that as we cut up a watermelon it is literally almost half eaten before we’re even done cutting and slicing. The watermelon this season have been absolutely perfect and I wanted to try a watermelon smoothie. Before this week I had never made ...

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Banana Smoothie Without Yogurt

Are you lactose intolerant? Sensitive to dairy products? Would you like to cut the calories down in your smoothie or just want to enjoy a banana smoothie without yogurt? Give this recipe a try, I think you are really going to enjoy! Remember to be creative, there are so many options that make this such a great smoothie. 1/4 cup ...

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Strawberry Banana Smoothie Without Yogurt

Are you looking for smoothie recipes that offer options without dairy or yogurt? Are you dairy or lactose intolerant and always on the search for smoothie concoctions that taste great, even without dairy?  This strawberry banana smoothie without yogurt is sure to be one of your favorites. This recipe is one of the first smoothie recipes that I tried and ...

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Delicious Blueberry Smoothie with Yogurt

This morning we had a delicious blueberry smoothie with yogurt. Since it is July and it is National blueberry month, I thought it would be a great time to play around with some blueberry smoothies to share with you. And for my Canadian friends, Canada proclaims a Royal Proclamation for blueberry month in August.  So, with National Blueberry month(s) here, ...

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Easy Fruit Smoothie Recipe

A fruit smoothie is an all time favorite and summer is finally here. What a great time to enjoy all of the fresh fruit at your local farmers market and grocery stores. So why not take advantage of the season and give this easy fruit smoothie recipe a try and enjoy all your favorite fruit in a glass? Want to ...

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Simple Mango Smoothie Recipe

Who doesn’t love the sweet taste of mango? This simple mango smoothie recipe lets you enjoy this succulent fruit that is filled with nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, helps rid your body of toxins and is full of fiber. With all of the great benefits mango has to offer, why wouldn’t you give this smoothie recipe a try?  Mango can be a ...

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Triple Berry Smoothie Recipe

We all know that when our kids ask for something over and over, especially when it’s healthy, that the triple berry smoothie recipe must be really yummy.  This is the case with this smoothie recipe at my house. 8-12 oz of water, almond milk or coconut water 1/4 cup of blueberries 1/4 cup of raspberries 1/2 cup of strawberries 1/2 ...

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