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Green Smoothie Recipes

Kale Smoothies That Taste Good

Have you wondered how to make kale smoothies that taste good? Everyone seems to have the same concerns and nose crinkling effect when it comes to the taste of these nutrient packed green drinks. Let’s face it, they even look a little too…well, green. Want a good laugh? See the look of disgust your kids give you when you place ...

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Green Machine Smoothie Recipe

With all of the talk about health benefits when it comes to green smoothies, isn’t it time you give one a try?  This green machine smoothie recipe really has good taste and is full of green vegetables, parsley and an apple.  Who believes that an apple a day keeps the doctor away?  Or in this case, is it a green ...

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Green Smoothie Banana Kiwi

Are you looking for something refreshing?  A smoothie that will quench your thirst?  Something healthy the whole family will love and enjoy?  If you answered yes to these questions, try this green smoothie-banana kiwi recipe and I think you will have the solution to what you are looking for. I love kiwi but I really hate the seeds, especially in ...

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Benefits of Kale Smoothies

The search for the “Youth Elixir” is now over! The benefits of kale smoothies are proven to be effective not only for weight loss but also encouraging good health from intensified energy, skin improvement, enhancing your immunity and more. These healthy drinks are known as the “Plant Blood” or “Life Juice”, many have confirmed its effectiveness in losing weight and ...

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