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Does Ninja Ultima Contain Lead?

Does Ninja Ultima Contain LeadLead is a very dangerous metal that when consumed can result in lead poisoning which can make you very ill and can even be fatal!  With that said, it’s no wonder that many people are shocked when hearing that a blender has this nasty chemical in it.  So, does Ninja Ultima contain lead?  Well, the short answer is yes, but read on to understand why this really isn’t that big of a deal.

If you look at the bottom of one of the Ninja Ultima blender boxes you will see a box which states “WARNING: This product contains chemicals, including lead, known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling.”

Should you be worried about the Ninja Ultima lead warning?

This has to be answered with a resounding NO!  So, why is the warning there in the first place?  This is because of the power cord.  You see, the power cord is made from PVC which does unfortunately contain very small amounts of lead. There is no lead content in any of the pieces that actually come in contact with your food.

Why all the hype about Ninja Blenders having lead then?

Well, this is a wonderful tool for many of the higher quality competitors of Ninja, as well as many marketers, and resellers of their competitors.  What better way to frighten off potential customers than to invoke a little bit of a scare tactic so that people think a food processing product is potentially very dangerous to their health?  This has ultimately just been a marketing ploy to really stir the pot for people who are thinking about getting a Ninja blender.

Unfortunately, one of the most time-tested marketing methods is to play on people’s emotions.  Fear is certainly one of the most powerful emotions that can be played upon.

Why don’t other companies have lead in their power cords?

The Ninja product line is available at a much lower price than many of their competitors. This means that production costs must be much lower in order for Euro-Pro, who makes the Ninja product line, to still make a profit. Thus, they use more plastic parts in their construction, and a less expensive rubber mixture, PVC, in the coating of their power cords. Many other devices in your home contain the same PVC mixture on their cords.

Final thoughts on the Ninja blender lead warning

In closing it is very important to note that while the Ninja lineup uses less expensive parts; it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a terrible product. The lead content is very small, and is only included in the PVC mixture on the power cord. Your food will not come in contact with this area.

If you are in the market for a new blender, regardless of your price range, you need to make certain that you are checking out reviews in order to ensure that you are getting the best product for your money.  The best way to do this is by checking out some blender reviews before deciding which one you wish to purchase.

What do you think?

Do you think that the lead content in the Ninja product line should be a concern?  Do you believe that lead should even be part of the manufacturing process for any household items?  Please feel free to leave your thoughts below.

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  1. Lead concern must be, because with same hands you use to cut, prepare food an now you will touch this cord in this whole food process, … Finally you got some lead in to your mouth.
    And who knows what they dont tell you??
    This is my concern !!

    • That’s certainly a valid concern to have. Thankfully Euro-Pro is now manufacturing their units under ROHS compliance which means they have removed lead and other harmful compounds. You can find more information out about the requirements of the compliance here. http://www.rohscompliancedefinition.com/

      • When did they start this ROHS compliance? I received my blender today and looked at the bottom of the box. They put white tape over the lead warning…that seems a bit odd to me. Were they trying to cover it up because they didn’t want me to know, or do the blenders no longer contain lead so they covered it up instead of making a new box??

        • Hi Emily and thanks for the question! I apologize for the delay in getting back to you, but I wanted to make certain that I received the correct information before answering. I contacted two different Euro-Pro customer support members (Jason and Maria) and was informed by both of them that they have been following the ROHS compliance for “quite a while.” Neither of them could tell me exactly when the formula was changed.

          With that, I asked why it was still on the boxes if it has truly been that long ago. I was told that this is due to the inspection that had to be performed in California prior to the removal of the lead notifications. They stated that this certification had only occurred earlier this year, and that they still have numerous boxes that have the lead warnings intact on the bottom. They are now allowed to cover them, thus the white tape.

          Hope this helped!

          • Thanks for the response! I do feel better…I know your article says it’s small amounts of lead ,but I thought it was very shady to cover the warning on the box. Thanks again!

          • You’re very welcome and that is certainly an understandable concern to have!

  2. What about metallic contamination from the blades? Does a small amount of metal come off the blades into the smoothie? Do I have to worry about that?

  3. Miss Paula Amazan

    To whom it may concern
    I just received my blender but I’m afraid to use it because the notice at the button. Of the box if the blender have something so dangerous why not telling tha t when doing the advertisement on TV in that case in that case customer will put them self in danger on there on buy purchasing the product now tell me what to do It’s not only the electric code that have plastic everything build in plastic black or clear the all set is plastic an why the warning is at the button of the box please tell e if the blender have lead too. (Question did the blender have lead too)
    Miss Amazan

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