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Eggnog Smoothie Recipe

Eggnog Smoothie Recipe PIOh eggnog, that wonderful little drink that can either help you remember or forget the wonders of Christmas. Personally, I’m not a big fan of eggnog, but my husband and kiddos love the stuff.

My family’s love for “the nog” as they call it, is the reason that I decided to try out this eggnog smoothie recipe. True to form, I’m still not crazy about it, but they certainly are. The entire pitcher was empty in less than 5 minutes.

I have also found that the adult version tends to be a VERY popular treat at holiday parties. I’ve been told that they love the taste, but personally I believe it may have something to do with the included bourbon and brandy LOL!

This recipe does have one benefit that everyone can appreciate. It has significantly fewer calories than traditional eggnog. So if you’re an eggnog lover but don’t want those calories, you can make up a batch of this to stretch out your eggnog as well as get a taste without all the calories that a glass of this holiday favorite has.

Eggnog Smoothie Recipe

1 peeled banana – You can use a frozen banana if you would like a thicker smoothie
1 cup of nonfat Greek yogurt, plain
1 cup of light eggnog
1 cup of ice cubes
Garnish with ground nutmeg or cinnamon
If you would like to make the adult version, include:
1 ounce of bourbon
1 ounce of brandy
Toss all of this into your blender and blend as normal.

Pro Tips: If you are going to make the adult version, quality liquor is ALWAYS a must. If you wouldn’t drink it on the rocks, keep it away from this recipe as it will leave a very bitter aftertaste that strongly resembles spoiled milk. Also, if you want a really smooth drink, be certain to check out top recommended blenders.

This recipe has definitely been a hit for me both at parties and for my family. I hope that it is for you as well. Enjoy this one at your next Christmas party and all the best wishes to you all in the upcoming New Year! Thanks for reading!

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