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Green Smoothies Health Benefits

Green Smoothies Health Benefits Many people are wondering what the green smoothies health benefits are. Have you wondered why everyone is starting to talk about drinking glasses of green stuff? 

Green smoothies are a relatively new buzz in the health and fitness world and just like any other recipe, the health benefits of green smoothies vary based on what ingredients are used to make them.

What are the green smoothies health benefits?

Most consumers of green smoothies, state that it makes them feel more energized, less depressed, and they often report fewer illnesses, giving rise to the notion that green smoothies can help increase your overall immune system.

Scientifically speaking, every green smoothie recipe is different, but let’s explore the norm of benefits as you read below.

What is in most green smoothie recipes?

Normally, though most green smoothie recipes call for dark leafy greens such as kale, spinach, collard greens, or turnip greens. In addition to these leafy vegetables, most green smoothie recipes also call for various fruits and some people even find themselves using spices such as ginger or mint.

What health benefits do some of these ingredients have?

Well, all of the above-mentioned leafy green vegetables are extremely high in a few vitamins. These are vitamins A, E, and K. What do these vitamins have to offer your body?

To start with, let’s do a quick summary about vitamin A. It is essential for vision, development of body lining epithelial cells, healthy growth and development, healthy reproduction, and your immune system. By consuming enough vitamin A, you will ensure healthy vision as well as stronger hair, teeth, and nails.

As if vitamin A doesn’t offer enough, Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps to prevent the development of free radicals in your body, and also helps your body to absorb and use numerous other nutrients.

Last but not least is vitamin K. That’s the vitamin that is responsible for helping clot blood and ensures strong bone health.

What about the added benefits of fruit? 

The fruits that you add to your green smoothies can vary significantly, but almost all recipes, call for high antioxidant containing fruits. Those antioxidants are wonderful to have in your system as they will aid your body in defending against free radicals and cancer-causing agents.

Making fruit smoothies may sound like a daunting task, but knowing how to do it is half the battle. You can check out our guide on how to make a fruit smoothie for more information.

How about the herbs?

One thing that I have always enjoyed adding to a green smoothie is ginger. Many smoothie addicts (like myself) talk about adding ginger to a few of their recipes. Ginger is unique as fresh ground ginger, mixed in with your smoothies can aid in the prevention of inflammation throughout your body.

This means that adding a little ginger can help to relieve sore joints and other body aches. It’s like nature’s own Advil. You can check out another post for additional information on adding herbs to your smoothies.

Closing thoughts on the green smoothies health benefits

There are so many health benefits in green smoothies, and they vary based on what fruits and vegetables you include in your smoothie recipes. One thing that many people have stated is that sometimes they simply don’t have the time to make a fresh smoothie everyday. You can quickly get around this by checking out our post on how to store homemade smoothies in 6 simple steps

One thing is for sure, including fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet will certainly help your overall well-being.

Have you tried green smoothies in the past? Have you personally noticed any health benefits? Please feel free to share your stories and thoughts below, and thanks for reading.

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