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Healthy Smoothie Recipes Kids Will Love

Healthy Smoothie Recipes Kids Will LoveHealthy smoothie recipes kids will love can be difficult to come by. But I am here to assure you that with the right recipes and the perfect mixture of fruits and vegetables, getting kids to love healthy smoothies can be in your very near future.

As I look at my girls and see how quickly they are growing up, I am starting to realize that teaching them to eat healthy is quite a challenge. Let’s face it, it just isn’t easy or convenient. 

When either boredom or the first pang of hunger strikes, they naturally go for the quick fix of foods that have zero nutritional value for them and foods high in processed flours, sugar and lots of fat.

My goal is to help them realize that with a little thought and preparation, they can find healthier snacks and make better food choices. One of the ways that I’m trying to accomplish this is by using smoothies as a fun, healthy option. If you’re new to the smoothie making world and would like to see our top picks for the best smoothie blenders on the market, please feel free to check out our top 10 recommended blenders page.

I’m hoping these tasty smoothie recipes will help you get one step closer to achieving your family’s nutrition goals. 

Healthy Smoothie Recipes Kids Will Love-Peaches and Cream

This recipe is so refreshing and so many great flavors because of all the fruit. Does your family enjoy peaches as much as mine does?

  • 8-10 oz of liquid-you can use either water, coconut water, almond, soy or low fat milk
  • Large handful of grapes-either green or red grapes will work in this smoothie
  • 1 cup of fresh or frozen blueberries
  • 1 peach with the pit removed-fresh or frozen peaches
  • Handful of spinach (optional)
  • Scoop of greek or low fat yogurt
  • Handful of ice
  • We really enjoy the taste and creamy texture that bananas provide in a smoothie. A banana in this smoothie is optional. 

After you have all your ingredients in your blender, blend until smooth and creamy.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes Kids Will Love-Pear-fect Smoothie

  • 8-10 oz of liquid-juice or water would work best, but you can always use coconut water, almond, soy or low fat milk
  • Large handful of green grapes
  • 1 orange peeled-add to blender in segmented
  • 1 pear deseeded and halved
  • Banana-fresh or frozen
  • Handful of kale or spinach (optional)
  • Scoop of greek or low fat yogurt (optional)
  • Handful of ice

Blend until creamy and smooth. 

Looking for More Kids Smoothie Recipes?

Smoothie Recipes for KidsGetting your kids to eat vegetables can be hard enough. Getting them to enjoy veggies in smoothies can be a bit more of a challenge. With the right recipes however, anything is possible.

You can find several more kids smoothie recipes here on the site but if you want to have a great cookbook of kids’ smoothie and juice recipes available at your fingertips, then the cookbook that you can see to the right is certainly a great option.

You can pick up a copy of that cookbook over at Amazon by clicking here. Once you have it, you are sure to find at least a dozen recipes that your kids are sure to love.

Healthy Smoothies Equals Healthy Kids

We would love to hear from you. Please leave your thoughts and comments in the area below. Do your kids like smoothies? Do you have a favorite smoothie recipe your kids love to share with us? Did you try either of these smoothies? If so, what are your thoughts?  









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