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Healthy Watermelon Smoothie Recipes

Healthy Watermelon SmoothiesDo you love watermelon as much as my family and I do? I’m embarrassed to tell you that as we cut up a watermelon it is literally almost half eaten before we’re even done cutting and slicing. The watermelon this season have been absolutely perfect and I wanted to try a watermelon smoothie. Before this week I had never made a smoothie with watermelon, but we decided to play around with a few ideas and I am so excited to share with you all of the healthy watermelon smoothie recipes that have been a big, tasty success. Hopefully, it will help eliminate all of the trial and errors we’ve experienced. I wish I had a picture of my girl’s faces with a few of the concoctions that had too much of “this” and not enough of “that.”

Strawberry and Watermelon Smoothie

I’ll start with our favorite. Who could think of a better mixture than watermelon and strawberries? This is a great refreshing summer smoothie that is sure to please.

For the best outcome, there are two steps:

Cut up 3 cups of cubed watermelon and put in the freezer for 2 hours. I found it worked best if the watermelon wasn’t completely frozen-but thoroughly chilled. 

Take your chilled watermelon out of the freezer and place in the blending jar with 2 cups of fresh or frozen strawberries (I found the fresh strawberries worked the best, but you could do either,) and blend until smooth. 

Voila! It’s that easy.  

Be warned that if you’re using a watermelon with seeds in it, and you should be because those seeds have a TON of protein in them, then you’re going to want to have a strong enough blender to handle the seeds. Where can you find one? Well, head over to our top 10 blenders for smoothies page to see our top picks!

Blueberry and Watermelon Smoothie

  • 3 cups of watermelon
  • 2-3 cups of blueberries
  • Handful of ice
  • Scoop of yogurt (optional)

Place watermelon and blueberries in your blender jar with ice and blend until smooth.  

Tip:  The watermelon should have enough water/juice content in it and I didn’t have to add any water or juice to the smoothies. If you find that your smoothies are too thick, you could always add more watermelon, a little bit of water,  or more ice.  

Watermelon Mango and Banana Smoothie

  • 1-2 cups of watermelon
  • 1 large frozen banana (cut into pieces for the ease of blending)
  • 1 cup or large handful of frozen mango
  • Large scoop of vanilla yogurt (optional)

Place all your fruit in the blender and blend until smooth. If necessary add ice.  

Embrace your smoothie creativity

If you’ve been giving Smoothies and Blenders’s recipes a try, or you are on your way to being a smoothie making master, you know that each smoothie has its own taste, flavor and texture. Measurements don’t have to exact, you always have the option of adding yogurt, a banana or any other fruit you think might taste good thrown into the blender.


We really enjoy hearing from you! Did you try any of the watermelon smoothie recipes? Did you add any additional ingredients? Did you add yogurt? Do you have any watermelon smoothie recipes to share? 

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