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How To Freeze Bananas For Smoothies

how to freeze bananas for smoothiesBelieve it or not, this simple little task can be a bit daunting if done wrong. Learning how to freeze bananas for smoothies the right way the first time is a lot easier than having to go back and correct your mistake.

Trust me, I speak from experience here as I have frozen bananas in the past the wrong way and I ended up cutting my hand and throwing them out.

On the flip side if you aren’t careful when you freeze your bananas, you will end up with banana mush that is very hard to work with.

The good news is that you can quickly freeze bananas for smoothies in four simple steps which I will outline below.

Step 1 – Peel Your Bananas

how to freeze bananas for smoothies step 1While this may sound a bit redundant, peeling your bananas is the most important step hands-down for successfully freezing them. This is where I have goofed in the past.

While some people may argue that bananas are better left unpeeled to freeze, it is simply a nightmare to peel them if they’re already frozen.

I tried doing this with a simple kitchen knife once and ended up cutting my hand. I then became so frustrated I simply threw the bananas in the trash.

Step 2 – Cut Your Bananas in Half

bananas cut in half for freezingWhile some people enjoy a rich banana taste in their smoothies, I personally prefer a slight hint of banana flavoring.

For that reason as well, it is simply easier to store bananas in freezer bags when they are not as long, I cut my bananas in half.


Step 3 – Wrap Your Bananas in Plastic Wrap

how to freeze bananas for smoothies wrappedThis is a completely optional step, and is one that I do for two reasons.

The first reason is that it does reduce freezer fuzz on your frozen bananas quite a bit. The second is that it makes your frozen bananas much easier to deal with after freezing.

If you take the time to wrap them in plastic wrap before freezing, you are able to simply grab one half of a banana to quickly toss into your blender for your smoothies.

This will also keep your frozen bananas from sticking together. If you wrap them first, then you will not have to really force them apart after they’re frozen.

Step 4 – Place Wrapped Bananas in Freezer Bags and Label

how to freeze bananas in freezer bagMake sure to label your freezer bags and place the bananas side by side in them. One tip here is to make your labels on masking tape so that you are able to reuse freezer bags again.

Frozen bananas will typically stay good for quite a while but I try to always use mine up within a couple of weeks.

For that reason, I suggest freezing no more than four or five at a time. That will give you enough for 8 – 10 smoothies and will ensure that you use them all up within the recommended two weeks.

Tips and tricks for frozen bananas

There are a couple additional things that I wanted to mention here that some people may not be aware of. These are handy little uses for your frozen bananas.

Substitute a frozen banana or frozen berries for additional ice cubes. By using frozen fruits, especially bananas and berries you are able to have a deliciously thick icy smoothie without having the watered-down taste the ice leaves behind.

Frozen bananas when blended by themselves result in a delicious banana flavored ice cream texture that makes for a wonderful evening snack with a very low calorie count.

Also, be sure to check out a couple of the free smoothie recipes on the site for some great smoothie ideas that use bananas!

If you’re looking for a way to store some of your fresh smoothies for later, you can also check out our guide on 6 simple steps to storing homemade smoothies. It’s a lot easier and cheaper than you may think!


Do you have any additional tips and tricks for freezing bananas? Have you had any banana freezing nightmare experiences? Please feel free to leave your thoughts, questions, and comments below, and as always, thanks for taking the time to read this post.



  1. Like this idea. I may use this when juicing in my juicer. Just B4 I do that is it o.k. for the juicer to put in a frozen banana? Eventually I want one of those high tech fast blenders that grind pulp to a liquid.
    Also, I like to freeze grapes and pulll them out frozen to eat. They crunch real easy in your mouth ! Scotty B ♫ ♪ ♫

    • Thanks for stopping by. Do you use a juicer or a blender? Juicers typically wouldn’t do well with bananas being put through them. But, if you make your juices/smoothies in a blender, most blenders will be fine with the frozen bananas, you may just need to pulse the blender. I love frozen grapes too and they are actually really good in a smoothie.

      • I used to juice cause I have a Jack La Lanes Power Juicer but I can get my juice at Earth Fare now. They juice or blend Anything Almost. Costs a little but no clean-up for me. I think the blenders are better for getting the nutrients of the pulp and Lots LESS clesan-up ! Scotty B ♪ ♫

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