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NutriBullet 900 Pro Review

Nutribullet 900 Pro ReviewThinking about adding a NutriBullet 900 Pro to your kitchen? If so, we put together this NutriBullet 900 Pro review to help you decide if this is worth your investment. We have all seen the gimmicky “As Seen on TV” infomercials. Those products eventually end up at Bed Bath and Beyond, and with your glorious 20% coupon; you pick it up because you think it is a steal. What that product can be, is a waste of money. Most of the products you can get at BB&B require a bit of extensive research. 

Magic Bullet, the name of the mother company, is a common household name and because we can get a NutriBullet for just under $120, we think this is a great deal. Well for some it really can be an amazing blender. However, there is a lot of fine print to owning one of these little blenders. From analyzing reviews and asking a lot of questions, we compiled comprehensive information and feedback for ways to make sure your blender will last for more than a year.

NutriBullet 900 Pro ReviewAbout The Company

Magic Bullet, the parent company of the NutriBullet Pro 900, tried their very best to bring all the power of the Ninja, down to a small pod. They were able to do it, however the materials they used are not at all suitable for the job.

A small note is if it is possible, get the extended warranty. 

Trying to talk to customer service will be a nightmare for you. Needless to say, their warranty, is a guarantee that you will be pulling your hair out and screaming at a rep. No one needs to start or end their day this way.

About The Blender

This handy little blender claims to be able to chop up veggies and fruits with ease. This proves to be the NutriBullet’s shining point. Using it as a blender is okay, however it tends to leave chunks of ice according to several reviews. Because of the NutriBullet’s popularity it did make the Top 10 Blenders list. 

This blender is not designed for every day, heavy use.

If you are looking for a smoothie once in a blue moon, perfect. If that was the case, you can spend your money on an inexpensive blender, like the Ninja Master Prep. Still this little blender can hold its own with proper use. Many times it is user errors that cause a mechanical problem. While we are not here to say it is your fault the blender broke, here are a few ways you can prolong the life of your NutriBullet.

  • Do not fill over the MAX FILL line. The line is there for a reason, if it is any more full; it can seriously damage the motor as it is overburdened. Not to mention this is what will cause the jar to leak.


  • If you are not able to fit all you ingredients in one cup, try a larger size, or pulse the ingredients to break it down. The meaning behind that is fairly straightforward. If you are unable to fit everything you are putting into the blender, pulse it, meaning run it for a second or so to break down the contents. Once it is more broken down, you can add more. This is especially true for very leafy, bulky ingredients, sometimes they take up a lot of airspaces!

NutriBullet 900 Pro Review


  • Do not press and pack your blender. Packing the ingredients will lodge them to the bottom of the cup, when you invert it, the blades will not be able to get to it. Chances are you will shake the entire unit, this causes the motor or move and burn out much faster.


  • Do not blend for extended periods of time. This little blender can do a lot. Keep in mind that it is not a work horse. It can make you a smoothie in a few seconds. However, blending without allowing the machine to cool can cause the gaskets around the motor to flake off because of the heat. You have to think; most high-end blenders (and even this blender) can make hot soup by the spinning of the blades. The friction does get hot and can be too much for an overburdened motor and blade to handle.

NutriBullet900 Pro ReviewBy following these general guidelines, also listed in the user manual, you can extend the life of your blender.

It says it is dishwasher safe, yes. That does not mean you should put it on the hottest setting you have. The gaskets are rubber; heat will wear them out a lot faster than one would think. If you notice the lid of your piece is not fitting correctly, next time you go to wash it, wash it by hand and see if that can prevent the problem from worsening. If when you flip it over, and it leaks, most likely it means that your jar needs to be returned. This problem right here is what most people will experience. Just because the description says you can, sometimes they cannot be.

Overall, if you start to smell smoke or a burning oil smell, immediately end the blend and unplug from the wall. If you can catch the machine before it turns itself off, you may still be able to use it. However, it would be in your best interest to return it before something bad happens.

NutriBullet 900 Pro ReviewWhy Should I Buy This?


  • Rather inexpensive, good for those who will only make a smoothie here and there.
  • Gives you a nutrient packed drink quickly, their “On the Go” cups allow you to blend right into the cup (with handle) and take it on the go.
  • Dishwasher safe. Use with caution, place on the top rack and use a normal setting. However, I would recommend that you wash it by hand.


  • Horrible Customer Service. (You can avoid this by following the above tips and/or purchasing an extended warranty.)
  • Bad warranty: make sure to follow the directions so they cannot pin the issue on you.
  • Motor tends to die within three months-hence the recommended protection plan.

Extended Warranties

With other blender reviews that have questionable warranties, I have talked about the extended warranty program called Square Trade that is available through Amazon. For peace of mind, Square Trade’s protection plan is pretty inexpensive and really seems to offer everything a buyer would be looking for. For a two year protection plan on an appliance valued at $100-$125, it is about $8.50. Square Trade guarantees either a full replacement or repair in 5 days-with free 2 way shipping. There is zero deductible and labor and parts are 100% covered. If the blender is a gift, the protection plan is fully transferrable. The NutriBullet would be a product that you could most certainly benefit spending the additional $8.50 to make sure you are protected.


Unfortunately, there will always be pros and cons to everything we ever buy, it comes down to what we are willing to give up. If you are willing to take your blending a little slower, then this blender would suit your household very nicely. On the other hand, if you plan on running it all day with smoothies, pesto, meal preparation, and so on, it may be wise to invest in a bigger blender. You can head over to our blender reviews page and check out some additional options.


  1. I bought the 600 watt Nutriblend and it works beautifully for lots of things besides smoothies and veggies. I dehydrate things like chili peppers, then use the second blade that came with it for pulverizing hard things into powders, and make my own chili powder blends. I also use it to make dehydrated onion flakes, garlic flakes, and powdered spices. The two different blades give you lots of options and after 18 months of using it, I love it! 5 stars worth!

    • Hello Barbara, thank you for the feedback on your Nutriblend. It sounds like having two blades offers additional blending options. Would love to hear more about making your own chili powder and powdered spices. Kary

  2. I always use the tall blending cup and when I wash it by hand or in dishwasher it really stinks.

  3. Mine is smelling of smoke!!!

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