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Smoothie Recipes Without Yogurt-3 Ideas to Try

Smoothie Recipes Without YogurtMost people want their smoothies to be thick and creamy. The typical ingredient of choice that creates this texture is yogurt. What if you don’t want the added fat and calories of adding yogurt or have you have a health condition that forces you to have dairy free smoothies? Well, that’s what the following ideas for smoothie recipes without yogurt are all about.

Read on to discover some great alternative thickening agents as well as some links to some of my favorite smoothie recipes without yogurt.

Smoothie Thickener #1 – Nut Butters

Any nut butter will help you thicken your smoothies right up. Beware, because nut butters can have a higher sugar and calorie content so make sure to read the labels of the individual products.

This is another benefit of having a high end blender since most are capable of making homemade nut butters. When you make your own butters you will know exactly what ingredients have been added.

With ingredients aside, it is also important that you take the calorie counts of different nut butters into consideration. While every brand is different, the following is a comparison of the top nut and seed butters to give you an idea of nutritional value.


Based on a serving size of 2 Tablespoons:

Nut Calories Total Fat Saturated Fat Fiber Protein
Almond 190 16 1.5 4 7
Cashew 190 15 3 2 5
Peanut 190 16 2 3 8
Soy 200 14 2 2 10
Sunflower 200 16 2 4 3


The main thing to always remember when you are looking for store bought nut butters is to keep a close lookout for products with high trans fats, sugars, and salts as many companies will often add them to enhance the taste.

Smoothie Thickener #2 – Frozen Fruits and Veggies

Are you like me and buy way too many fresh fruits and vegetables and find it difficult to enjoy before they spoil? This coupled with the fact that there are several ways to save money on your smoothie ingredients by simply freezing them.

All fruits and vegetables are certainly not equal here because bananas and avocados will make your smoothies much thicker as they have a natural creaminess to them. Be certain to check the amount of sugar in your fruit as you can quickly add a lot of unnecessary calories to your diet if you use fruits which have a high sugar content.

In addition to bananas and avocados, frozen berries of any type will do a great job thickening your smoothies and can be used just like ice would be. This brings us to the most common non-yogurt smoothie thickener out there.

Smoothie Thickener #3 – Ice

That’s right, good old fashioned ice makes one of the best thickeners out there for smoothies, and it certainly has the lowest calorie addition. Also, water even if it’s frozen ice cubes, is always a good thing to add to your smoothies, as it will provide hydration and aid in digestion.

Wrapping It Up – Some smoothie recipes without yogurt for you to try

Blueberry smoothie without yogurtIf you would like to try some delicious smoothie recipes, you can find several listed below. My personal favorite is the strawberry banana smoothie.

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments area below, we love to hear from you. What other thickeners aside from yogurt have you tried in the past? Do you have a favorite smoothie ingredient that helps create a creamy texture? 

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