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Smoothies During Pregnancy – Are They Okay?

Smoothies During PregnancyNutrition is very important to anyone but is especially a concern for pregnant women. Those who enjoy drinking smoothies often wonder if drinking smoothies during pregnancy is okay, or if you should skip your daily beverage while you are carrying your precious cargo.

The key thing here is that smoothies during pregnancy are only as good or as bad as what you are putting in them, just like any other time. However, while most of the fruits and vegetables that you enjoy are perfectly safe for you to consume, there are a few items that you will want to completely cut out of your smoothie recipes.

Smoothies During Pregnancy Ingredients to Avoid #1 – Raw Sprouts

Sprouts are loaded with tons of nutrients which are great for your health, however they have a serious dark side to them. The way that sprouts are grown puts them in danger for carrying some serious bacteria.

Specifically, sprouts often have Salmonella associated with them, as do many fresh green vegetables. The difference is the difficulty that exists while trying to clean raw sprouts. While you can normally clean the majority of bacteria off of fruits and vegetables by washing them, sprouts have a whole lot of small areas in which bacteria hides away.

Because of this, it is extremely dangerous to consume these little green nutrient wonders while you’re pregnant. The good news is though, that while you have to skip adding raw sprouts to your smoothies, using thoroughly cooked sprouts in recipes is still a okay while pregnant as cooking them properly will kill off the harmful bacteria which may be living on them.

Smoothies During Pregnancy Ingredients to Avoid #2 – Herbs and Un-prescribed Supplements

Not only is your body very sensitive to vitamins and minerals during pregnancy, but much more so is your baby’s. Normal supplements that you are used to taking can be very dangerous to an unborn child.

One example of this comes from Vitamin A. Too much Vitamin A during pregnancy can result in improper development of your baby’s nervous system for example.

This is why you should always consult your OB doctor prior to including any types of herbal or nutritional supplementation to your diet or your smoothies.

Smoothies During Pregnancy Ingredients to Avoid #3 – Raw Milk, Dairy, and Unpasteurized Fruit Juices

While these ingredients are typically not found in many supermarkets, they can be occasionally obtained from health food stores and farmer’s markets.

These run the same risks are raw sprouts, and can contain large amounts of bacteria and should definitely be avoided while making smoothies during pregnancy. The good news though is if you wish to enjoy fresh juices, you should be okay to make your own at home so long as you thoroughly wash all of your fruits and vegetables.

Optimal Nutrition While Pregnant

There are numerous websites out there that will show you some really great nutrition tips for your diet while you await your new arrival. Also, don’t forget the most trusted source you can get and that is your OB doctor.

If you want to adapt your diet at all while you’re pregnant you should certainly consult your doctor prior to doing so. There are many other foods such as fish, fish oil, and others which can be risky during pregnancy.

These normally aren’t typically tossed in a blender for smoothies though. Thus, they haven’t been mentioned here in detail. If you’re looking for some of the best blenders on the market that can handle any ingredients you throw at them, then check out some of our top recommended blenders over here

Closing thoughts

Do you have any favorite recipes for smoothies during pregnancy? Did you drink smoothies while you were pregnant? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.

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