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Ninja Blender Reviews – Ninja Master Prep Review

Hello Friends of Smoothies and Blenders! Tony here, and I have just a small bit of information I wanted to add to this post as I’ve actually owned one of these bad boys since my mother-in-law blessed it as a gift to us after it ran as a today’s special value item on QVC about 5 years ago. So, I ...

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Ninja Ultima Reviews-The Ninja Ultima BL820

Hey there S & B readers and welcome to everyone finding this post on Google! Tony here, and first and foremost I just want to say thanks a ton for checking out our Ninja Ultima BL820 review. This post is actually a tad bit dated, okay, really dated LOL! As many of you all know, I’m a BIG advocate of ...

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What Is Auto IQ?

What is Auto IQ

Technology is constantly changing, that’s for sure. We’re very used to seeing computers, cell phones, televisions, and many other electronics, develop technology at lightning rates. This is normally not the case with blenders, though. A new technology has recently emerged among some of the new and upcoming Ninja blenders that is pretty impressive. It’s known as auto IQ technology. What ...

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What’s The Ninja BL 482?

What's the Ninja BL 482

Ninja has recently unveiled a pretty interesting blender in the Ninja BL 482. I found that there were a few things that make this blender a pretty impressive little unit. First, this blender features Ninja’s new auto IQ technology. This technology allows the blender to almost work completely by itself. You have the ability to literally add your ingredients, press ...

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What is the Best Ninja Blender?

Over the years Europro has released numerous Ninja blenders which have left some understandable confusion among consumers. They state that all of these blenders are simply amazing, and leave most people puzzled and wondering “what is the best Ninja blender? What are your Blending Needs? In order to determine which Ninja blender would be best for you, you first need ...

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Best Inexpensive Blender

Are you new to the smoothies and blenders world? Then you are certainly going to need a starter blender. If you’re not looking to spend a fortune on one of the higher end units, then finding the best inexpensive blender is essential for you to get started making smoothies. How did I decide Upon the Best Inexpensive Blender? When looking ...

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How to Clean the Ninja Blender

As mentioned in several of the Ninja blender reviews these lovely little guys can often be very difficult to clean. Hopefully this post will help keep your frustrations at bay as you will learn exactly how to clean the Ninja blender product line.   Tip #1 – Rinse it fast While one would think that you could easily store excess ...

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Does Ninja Ultima Contain Lead?

Lead is a very dangerous metal that when consumed can result in lead poisoning which can make you very ill and can even be fatal!  With that said, it’s no wonder that many people are shocked when hearing that a blender has this nasty chemical in it.  So, does Ninja Ultima contain lead?  Well, the short answer is yes, but ...

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The Ninja Blender As Seen On TV

Which of the numerous Ninja models is the Ninja blender as seen on tv? At some point in time I’m sure that you, like me, have found yourself staring glassy eyed at your television set in the middle of the night. If you have, then you have most likely seen the Ninja blender infomercial. Are you curious which Ninja blender ...

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How to Use the Ninja Master Prep Kitchen System

Have you wondered how to use the Ninja Master Prep? If you are new to using the Ninja Master Prep Kitchen System, then there are a few things that you must know in order to have the most success with it. Many people will find themselves disappointed with the way the Master Prep System performs unless they take the time ...

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