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The #1 Reason Your Smoothies May Be Slowly Killing You

Many of us enjoy the delicious taste of our blended smoothies immensely, but did you know that new research suggests that some of our delicious smoothies may actually be causing a ton of different health problems? Yep, you read that one correctly. By using the wrong ingredients, some of your smoothies may actually be bad for your health and much worse for your children’s health.

What are these terrible ingredients?Are Smoothies Bad For You

Honestly, it isn’t the ingredients that are the big issue, but the pesticides that are being used on them that are causing problems. Now, before you feel as though this is just another eat organic tirade as you’ve seen before, take a moment and look at some of the evidence provided below.

DDT is still in foods and now it’s linked to Alzheimer’s!

What? Wasn’t the mosquito killer we know as DDT banned back in the 70s? Well, yes, it was in fact banned back in the 70s from the United States, but when was the last time that you took a long hard look at the labels on your produce?

Much of the produce that you pick up in your local grocery store is obtained from outside of the country. More important to note is that while the US and most other countries in the world have banned DDT use, some countries such as India, do in fact still produce and use DDT on their crops.

If the use of DDT wasn’t bad enough, new research linking it to Alzheimer’s certainly is. The memory and life stealing illness that affects many of our elderly family members and friends has no diagnosable root cause, but new studies show that exposure to DDE which is the trace amounts left over after DDT breaks down, can certainly be a risk factor.

A key thing to keep in mind here is that roughly 40 years ago, DDT was viewed as a safe product for use on food and was generally viewed as a wonderful thing for the environment.

This moves us on to pesticides being used today

While there are countless pesticides being used today even here in the US, the need for more research is ever prevalent. When you are looking at your produce for use in smoothies though, it is even more essential as when these chemicals were tested originally, they were viewed with the absorption times it took to EAT the foods.

This means that one of the same reasons that smoothies are so beneficial to your health (faster absorption of vitamins and nutrients) may also be a BIG reason as to why chemical laden fruits and vegetables could be so terrible for your health.

The saddest part of this equation though is the fact that non-organic produce hurts our children worse that it does us. Why? Well, children already absorb nutrients faster than you or I due to their small size. Combine this with the rapid absorption that smoothies give us and it’s a double whammy.

If this wasn’t bad enough, children during pregnancy and while nursing absorb these chemicals even faster. Does this make smoothies bad for pregnant women? Well, you can find more information about this on our post covering smoothies during pregnancy.

Surely none of these chemicals are really that bad?

Unfortunately trends and science have to dictate otherwise. Take a look throughout the history of our foods, drugs, and general health. All too often does something (especially medicines) that has been used for several years suddenly have some freakishly horrid side effect.

When was the last time you were able to watch a full 30 minutes of television including commercials without seeing an advertisement to sue a drug company, or even worse, the mesothelioma ads?

All too often exposure happens before the risks are fully assessed. Take a look at the video below which discusses modern pesticides now being linked to ADHD in children.

ADHD cases increase every year, and there has to be a reason for it, right? Well, what if that reason truly is in the foods that we’re eating. While it most likely is not the case, I for one really wish to side with a 20 cent piece of mind and eat organics when possible.

Closing Thoughts

While I personally prefer to use organics when possible, many others do not. What are your feelings on the use of pesticides in our foods? Do you personally prefer organics? Please take a moment and share your thoughts and comments below.

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