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The Ninja Blender As Seen On TV

As seen on tv ninja blender PIWhich of the numerous Ninja models is the Ninja blender as seen on tv? At some point in time I’m sure that you, like me, have found yourself staring glassy eyed at your television set in the middle of the night.

If you have, then you have most likely seen the Ninja blender infomercial. Are you curious which Ninja blender this is and what it can do for you in the kitchen? Is the infomercial price the best price you can get? 

What is Ninja Blender as Seen on TV

If you are interested in purchasing a new Ninja blender, read on to discover just which model is currently being advertised and where you can get a better price and warranty information.

The very first time I saw a Ninja infomercial they were really pushing hard for the Ninja Mega Kitchen System. Now, while the infomercials still push that model, there’s a new contender out there known as the Ninja Ultima BL820.

If you haven’t personally seen the original infomercial for the Ninja Mega Kitchen System, you can just hit the play button below. Be warned, this is a VERY long advertisement that can be summed up pretty quickly by simply saying it’s a pretty strong machine in a good mid-range price point.

So What’s the New Ninja Ultima all About?

As previously stated there’s a newer Ninja blender out on the market as this infomercial is from over a year ago. The new model is known as the Ninja Ultima BL820. What’s so different about this newer model you ask? Well, you can check out our full detailed Ninja Ultima blender review, but in a nutshell there are only a few things that separate the two.

First, the new Ninja Ultima series has a bit more power behind it as it touts a 1500 watt 3.0 horsepower motor versus the kitchen systems 2.0 horsepower motor. This is supposed to allow you to have an easier time blending things like ice and fibrous fruits and vegetables.

The second big difference is the blade system that the Ninja Ultima uses. Previous Ninja models relied on crushing blades which floated throughout the unit as well as one which sat closer to the base of the units.

The Ninja Ultima uses two crushing blades which are positioned in the middle and lower area of the blender as well as a “cyclonic” blade which sits at the bottom of the blender. The bottom blade is more like a traditional blender and does help to mix ingredients much more smoothly than the older systems that did not have this feature.

The quick 30 second video below demonstrates exactly how this new blade system functions.

Again, for more details about the Ninja Ultima system, you can check out a full review over here.


Where Can You Find the Best Deals On Ninja Blenders?

Honestly most retailers have very similar price points that have slight differences. Amazon does however also offer an extended warranty which is a highly recommended investment when looking to purchase a Ninja blender regardless of which model you choose.

These blenders only come with a one year warranty and many customers report them breaking shortly after the warranty period ends. While this blender line is still in the mid-line price point, they are certainly not cheap enough to be considered a disposable product. You can find some great Ninja Blender deals here from Amazon.

Check Price at Amazon

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What are Your Thoughts on the Ninja Infomercial? Do you believe they hold up to the standards that the infomercial sets for them? Take a moment and share your thoughts below.

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  1. I’ve had my blendefo over a month the picture did not fit correctly , I have been waiting for a replacement and as of today , Monday January 30, 2017 have not received the replacement . so how am I to even enjoy all the virtues l am supposed to enjoy with it ? Need the replacement ASAP .

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