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Top Blenders Under 50 Bucks – Top Three Blenders Under $50

As a consumer, it is important that you always get the most bang for your buck. This is especially true when you’re entering a new field such as blending. While many of the most popular blenders are well into the $400 and $500 range; you can certainly get started for a much smaller investment.

For less than a date night, you can quickly discover some of the top blenders under 50 bucks. Read on below to discover the top three blenders under $50 by popularity.


Top Blenders Under 50 Bucks – #1 Ninja Master Prep System

The Ninja Master Prep System is typically number one when it comes to most popular blenders under $50. This one is not only a blender, but also a food processor, which allows you the ability to create multiple recipes with one unit. It is the base model of the Ninja blenders family.


Pros of the Ninja Master Prep System

  • Features a 48 ounce prep pitcher to allow you to make a large containers of your favorite frozen and blended drinks
  • Features a 16 ounce chopper bowl, which allows you to complete numerous food processing recipes
  • Easily pulverizes frozen ingredients and quickly turns ice into snow allowing for truly well, mixed smoothies
  • Stacked blade technology ensures that all ingredients are mixed thoroughly
  • Liquid ingredients can be added quickly via the spout on the front of the spill-proof lid

Cons of the Ninja Master Prep System

  • Does not do well with seeds or small nuts
  • You must pulsate the unit rather than turning it on and walking away
  • Adding additional ingredients can be a bit of a pain as you must take the top unit and spill-proof lid off before adding solid ingredients

Overall thoughts about the Ninja Master Prep

This is an excellent little blender and food processor for the investment. It stands without question as to why it is the number one most popular blender under $50 on many websites.

However, with that said for a measly $10 more, you can acquire the Ninja Master Prep Pro kitchen system which has numerous additional features. You can find a full review on the Ninja Master Prep Pro System here.


Top Blenders Under 50 Bucks- #2 The Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

Once again, this list is comprised of the most popular blenders under $50. This does not necessarily mean that I value all three of these blenders. The Hamilton Beach was certainly an example of that. Read on to discover exactly why this one fell out my favor.


Pros of The Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

  • Compact small design
  • 14 ounce single serving blending container which allows you to make just enough for one smoothie which works very well on the go
  • Allows for both blending and pulsing

Cons of The Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

  • Many users have reported that this unit burns its motor up very quickly. Some have stated that is burned its motor up as quickly as the first use
  • While the drinking lid works great for drinking it does not work well for actually blending your drinks. It leaks very easily and can result in nasty messes which reduces the ability to make a drink quickly as you have additional cleanup time.
  • It often does not crush ice very well, especially if you have a significant amount of ice in your drinks.
  • While it does come with a three-year warranty, you must pay shipping and handling costs in order to use it, and as cheap as this unit is you may as well simply by another one

Overall Thoughts on the Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender

I was pretty disappointed with this one as when I created my first blended drink I immediately noticed a smell similar to burning plastic. After doing a little research I discovered that many other users have had the same complaint.

As if the burning smell wasn’t enough, I was also quickly brought to the attention of spills coming from the top of the drinking lid. It wasn’t just a little bit either, as it quickly bubbled over the top of the container and resulted in a spill that spread across my kitchen counter.

With that said, I have to take a big pass on this unit as there are many other units available for under $50 which function much more efficiently.

Top Blenders Under 50 Bucks – #3 Magic Bullet 17 Piece Express Mixing Set

This was certainly a neat little unit as unlike other traditional blenders it includes multiple blades, cups, and lids which all function with one base unit.

The magic bullet touts a reputation to be able to blend, complete food processing jobs, and allow for numerous storage options, all from one system.

Pros of The Magic Bullet System

  • Small size, which allows for easy storage
  • Through the use of multiple blades as well as containers and lids this unit allows you to complete blending as well as numerous food processing jobs
  • Does a pretty good job at destroying frozen ingredients for smoother smoothies
  • Detachable blades make for easy cleanup

Cons of The Magic Bullet System

  •  Many users have reported that the motor is fast to give out on the magic bullet system
  •  Some users complain about the unit leaking. However, I did not observe this
  •  While it does offer numerous single serve containers, the largest that you can obtain for multiple servings is a 24 ounce pitcher which must be purchased separately

Overall Thoughts About The Magic Bullet System.

All in all, this is a great little system if you only want to create single serve drinks. If you’re looking for anything larger or to create drinks for the entire family at once, then you may want to look elsewhere.

The only other real complaint that I have about this unit is that the constant switching of containers and blades can become a bit cumbersome. That and if you use the wrong blade, then you are left with a slurry mess which requires cleanup.

If you’re looking for a machine however, that will create single serve containers on the go for you quickly, than the magic bullet may be the right selection for you.

Closing Thoughts on the Most Popular Blenders Under 50 Bucks.

As you can tell by the blenders quickly mentioned above, there are many ways that you can join the smoothie drinking community for a very small investment.

This will allow you to discover if creating smoothies is something that you would enjoy without breaking the bank.

What are your thoughts on some of the top blenders under 50 bucks? Do you have any suggestions on some other great blenders under the $50 price tag? Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below and as always, thanks for taking the time to take a look at this post.

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