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Vitamix 750 Professional Series Blender Review


Viamix 750 Professional Series Blender Review PIWhen shopping for a blender, we all want the best machine we can afford. There is a time where the price does reflect the quality of the equipment. The saying “you get what you pay for” is a pivotal point in the buying experience for most people, they expect a better product for every extra dollar they spend. If you pay a premium, you get an excellent product. When doing the research for this Vitamix 750 Professional Series Blender review, the thought is that this is one of the best Vitamix blenders on the market. You are paying almost top dollar for this blender. Is it worth it? This is why we are bringing it to you so you can see for yourself.

While putting this review together, I have gone back and forth with my experiences and what I would be inclined to purchase when I am looking for a high quality blender. I started with a Vitamix a long time ago when I first started my passion with weight loss, eating healthier and of course, smoothies. This very old Vitamix blender still works great!

There were and still are downsides to my Vitamix. It doesn’t fit under my kitchen cabinets and it had to be put away after I used it-and I use my blender daily if not multiple times during the day. Putting it away after each use was daunting after a while. Secondly, I wanted to be able to put my jar/pitcher in the dishwasher occasionally. None of the Vitamix jar/pitchers are dishwasher safe. Five years ago, these downsides lead me to purchase a Blendtec Total Blender for less money than I spent on my Vitamix because it fit my criteria of fitting under the cabinets and the jar/pitcher is dishwasher safe. I have not been disappointed in this decision.

Vitamix 750 Professional Series Blender ReviewAll of this being said you are paying top dollar at around $639.00 for the Vitamix 750 blender, but if you are determined to purchase a Vitamix, this blender fits all of the common criteria for a high end appliance. 

Please keep in mind when shopping for a high end blender that there are many Vitamix and Blendtec models available. If you want to save a little bit of money and are open to other brands there are other options, click here for information. 

What Can It Do?

This subsection should be named, “what doesn’t it do”, but then there would be nothing to write about. Honestly, this blender will take even the most fibrous ingredients and blend them down into a smooth, creamy drink which is why it made our Top 10 Blenders on the Market list.

A customer favorite is to take frozen or fresh fruit, juice it, then add milk to make ice cream. Voila, you have made great tasting all natural ice cream that costs pennies on the dollar for the whole family.

With the addition of the Vitamix to your family, you can all enjoy a healthier mind and body, as well as an increased energy level. Now your kids can’t say they are too tired to clean their room, or your significant other being too tired to do the dishes. Make them a smoothie, and it is a remedy to the problem (maybe, you can always try.) Click here for smoothie recipes. 

In such a high powered blender, you can quickly make your own nut butters as well. Never will you have to worry about running out of the dip for your apples or carrots. Nut butters are not the only thing this powerhouse can whip up in a flash. Freshly made hummus is one of the most amazing smells and tastes in this world. Being able to have that at the drop of a hat is great. For sure it is a crowd pleaser, whether for 40 people or for one Vitamix 750 Professional Series Blender Reviewperson, you have full control over your kitchen with this blender.

What are the Features?

  • There are 5 preprogrammed settings for purees, soup, smoothies, frozen desserts and last but not least, the Vitamix 750 offers a great cleaning setting. Some user’s have reported that it may have to be run a second time for “very stuck on foods.” You can also just wipe it out and put it on the top shelf of your dishwasher. My favorite is that the Vitamix 750 even has a walk away setting for convenience. 
  • Looking for a blender where you  are able to control the blend and consistency? You will have this option here with a variable speed dial and pulse feature.
  • Get out your measuring tape and measure your kitchen cabinets! Vitamix is starting to make blenders that will fit underneath. With the container in place, this blender stands at 17.4 inches tall. My cabinet height is 19 inches and it just fits with the bottom trim. Personally, my blender has to fit on my counters. As I mentioned earlier, I do not want the hassle of getting a blender out when I want it and putting it away when I’m done using it.
  • Comes with a 64 oz BPA free jar/pitcher and lid that you can remove so that you can safely add additional ingredients during a blend. Remember that these jars are not dishwasher safe.
  • 2.2 peak HP motor with 12 amps
  • Vitamix 750 Professional Series Blender ReviewIt does weigh in at a whopping 12.5 lbs.
  • 6 foot long cord for convenience in the kitchen.
  • 4 inch laser cut, stainless steels blades-gives you a smooth consistent blend each time.
  • Comes with a 7 year warranty, but you are able to extend this warranty to 10 years for an additional $75.00.

Why Should I Pay This Much For A Blender?

For some families, buying such an expensive appliance can be very hard to justify. Would it be worth consideration if you are changing your lifestyle around? If you are determined to become healthy by drinking smoothies, making your own nut butters, and allowing yourself to go back to naturals, a Vitamix can sure help you.

Should cost still be an issue? Here’s a way to look at it, how much a gym membership would cost along with buying store bought smoothies or buying a quality blender and a gym membership. The price would even out very quickly. However, with store bought smoothies, you would be taking in a lot of sugars and artificial ingredients. Plus, one pack of smoothies will last you about a week. A Vitamix will continue for decades to come, therefore, a quality blender is much cheaper in the long run than buying your smoothies from the store.Vitamix 750 Professional Series Blender Review

Not to mention, if you pair the Vitamix, which is able to extract the most nutrients from the fruits, seeds, and veggies, in addition to your gym membership, you can gain a lot more from your workout. Your body needs to be able to easily digest nutrients, otherwise it will go through your system unused, and wasted. You owe it to yourself to get the most out of every calorie you have to take in.

Maybe smoothies aren’t your thing. Maybe you want to make a delicious meal for your family that night. You take all of the freshest ingredients and make a soup that is sure to at least get you kisses on the cheek by the end of the night. You could even finish off the meal with that freshly made ice cream. It is always so much fun to watch milk turn into a frozen treat in a blender. Either way, you will have a great night with healthy and fresh food.

You can check out some great deals on Vitamix blenders here at Vitamix’s site. For some great savings, you can use the coupon code 06-009974

Closing Thoughts


Vitamix is a family owned company, which generally means that you will have top notch products and services. Since opening in 1921, many advancements have been made in both technology and blender power. Now, Vitamix is one of the best, most reputable blenders on the market. You will not go wrong by choosing this company and you can always check out some of our additional Vitamix Blender reviews. Even if you are not able to afford this model, you can choose a lower priced model such as the Vitamix 5200 and still have an astounding quality blender and Vitamix warranty. Should you ever run into issues with one of the settings, or if you manage to break this appliance, you can talk to a knowledgeable representative within minutes.

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