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Vitamix Turbo Blend 1782 Review

Vitamix Turbo Blend 1782 ReviewThe Vitamix Turbo Blend 1782 is the lowest priced entry-level Vitamix currently on the market. The theory behind this is to give customers the option of entering into the Vitamix family at a lower price than previously offered. Hopefully this Vitamix Turbo Blend 1782 review will help answer your questions as to whether this blender would be a good investment for you and your family.


What’s in the box? – Vitamix Turbo Blend 1782 Review

  • Vitamix base unit-The Vitamix Turbo Blend 1782 features a two peak horsepower motor to help blend the toughest ingredients you can throw at it. 
  • 64 ounce BPA free wet mixing container – This 64 ounce container will allow you to blend and serve just enough whether it is for you, your family, or guests. 
  • Tamper – This model actually includes the tamper, which is essential for pushing down ingredients to the bottom of the containers you use for blending. This helps to ensure a smoothly blended concoctions every time 
  • Vitamix Turbo Blend Cookbook – This cookbook offers numerous recipes to help get you started with your new Vitamix.


What’s good about the Turbo Blend – Vitamix Turbo Blend 1782 Review

  •  This one comes at you for less than $400 which is the lowest price available for any new Vitamix currently on the market.
  • It includes a full five year warranty, which will give you peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong with your blender you are covered. This can be extended to an eight year warranty for $75.
  • You are able to blend hot items as well as cold and you can actually heat soups and other hot blended foods just by using the blender. This allows you to make hot foods quickly without having to use the stove or microwave.
  • The tamper is included with this model of Vitamix blender. Some other models do not have the tamper included and it is an essential accessory for any Vitamix blender.
  • The spill-proof lid that this model features allows for additional ingredients to be added while operating the blender. This gives you the ability to change recipes or add ingredients on-the-fly as you deem necessary, rather than having to turn off the blender, open the container, and restart from the beginning.


Cons of the Vitamix 1782 – Vitamix Turbo Blend 1782 Review

  • Many users report a burning smell, but state that it goes away after several uses. The key thing to take into consideration here is that several uses really can take a long time. A lot of users report that it has taken roughly 1 1/2 to 2 months of use before this smell goes away. This is due to the oil and residues that exist on the moving parts within the base unit of the Vitamix Turbo Blend. 
  • One big issue that many users face is that the included 64 ounce wet pitcher is not dishwasher safe. Personally, this hasn’t been a big issue as I prefer to hand wash my blenders and accessories to prevent damages that may occur while in the dishwasher. One good thing that this Vitamix offers is that it does have a self-cleaning mode which you are able to use. By simply adding a little bit of soap and warm water and turning the blender on high speed. 
  • The pitchers that are used with this blender do not lock into the base unit which can occasionally result in spills even when you are holding the pitcher in place. 
  • This unit stands at 20.5 inches in height with the included pitcher. This makes it far too tall to fit under standard countertops. 
  • This unit only has two speeds, both of which are extremely fast that results in puréeing any foods that you may try to process with this blender. 
  • If you want to use this Vitamix for grinding nuts, making flours, or other dry processing tasks, you will most likely need to have the dry grains container which retails for roughly $80 in addition to the base cost of this unit. While the wet container works for some of these tasks, it does not perform nearly as well as the dry grains container and blade system. 
  • The suction cups that this unit uses to hold the blender in place are not very strong and can result in the blender sliding across your counters if you’re not holding it down securely. 
  • One of Vitamix strongest advantages is that they offer superior warrantees on all of their products. This is typically a seven year warranty. This unit, however only comes with a five year warranty. With that said, this is still impressive over many of the competing brands.


Closing thoughts and personal opinions – Vitamix Turbo Blend 1782 Review

Vitamix Turbo Blend 1782 ReviewWhile this is designed to be the entry-level blender for those on a budget, only having two speeds, a lower warranty, and difficulty blending dry ingredients results with me simply suggesting to save 50 additional dollars and opt for the slightly more expensive Vitamix 5200. By doing this I believe you will be a much more satisfied customer.

On its own, the Vitamix 1782 does show promise to become a very good entry-level blender for those on a budget, if the price were to be reduced more. If price is truly that big of a concern for you, you can often find other Vitamix models that are refurbished or reconstructed for less than this one retails new. For additional reviews on Vitamix blenders, click here. 

All in all, if I were to buy a new Vitamix, I think I would have to pass on this one. There are simply too many additional benefits that can be gained for just a little bit more money from other models.

What are your thoughts about the Vitamix Turbo Blend? Do you feel that this is a good option for people who are on a budget and wanting to enter the Vitamix family? Would you recommend this blender to your friends or family? Please feel free to take a moment and share your comments below. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ve found this Vitamix Turbo Blend 1782 review helpful.


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